There are few things in this world that I really really dislike. But bland food HAS to be one of them. Fortunately, a few flavorless vegetables and dull turkey breasts can be saved with a dash of spices.

You know where this is going… it’s time to organize your spices! But before we jump into the tossing and sorting, I thought you might like to know some of the spices I ALWAYS keep in my own kitchen.

My Favorite Spices and How I Use Them

It’s no newsflash… but I’m a cook! And although I like to experiment with new combinations of spices and unique blends I find at the store, there are some veterans that I have with me no matter what.

organize your spices jill kitchen
I keep mine in a drawer. Can you spot my favs?

One of my favorites is garlic powder. It will give that subtle garlic taste to your dishes without being super overpowering. I love adding it to my Savory Ranch Crackers for some added flavor!

I also love red pepper flakes. A great way to add a touch of spice! But not so much that it will turn away those with a major spice intolerance. I even incorporate their flavor into my popular Three Cheese Baked Ziti.

Oregano is a must in my kitchen. It’s great in soup, in marinades, or as a way to spruce up a pasta dish! It has an earthy sort of flavor that features a bit of sweetness. You’ll see that I use it in my Sautéed Shrimp recipe.

And FINALLY… my Everything But The Bagel seasoning! A little less traditional than the spices above, but this spice blend is so versatile. Eggs… toast… my bagel recipe. You name it!

How To Organize Your Spices At Home

If your spice collection looks like mine, you know how easy it is for the collection to grow. They also seem to get in the way when I’m cooking! Follow these steps to get yours in order.

Keep or Toss?

It can be hard to get rid of spice jars that are practically full. But just like other pantry staples, spices have a shelf life. To find out how long spices generally last, you need to consider the type of spice you’re working with.

Ground spices: These ones typically go bad after 6 months. A good way to test if it’s still good is to give it a sniff. Smell anything? No? Toss it!

Whole spices: Here’s some good news… these are good for up to 5 years! But if you’re fearful they’re losing a bit of flavor, you can toast them in a dry skillet and grind them before adding them to your dish.

Another rule of thumb? If they look “off” or smell bland, they’re likely old. But if you’d like to make them last longer, here are a few tips:

  • Keep them in an airtight container.
  • Don’t put them in the fridge or freezer. This increases moisture!
  • Try to store them in a space that’s not to hot and not too cold.
  • Purchase smaller quantities to avoid spoiling.

Finding a Spot For Your Spices

Drawer, rack, or pantry… it’s time to find a place for all of your favorites. If you scroll on below, I discovered a few helpful ways you can organize your spices.

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spice rack drawer
Find the spice drawer organizer HERE.

I keep most of my spices in a drawer. It’s the closest thing to my stove and it makes it easy to access my spices in the middle of cooking!

If yours are also in a drawer, this bamboo drawer organizer will keep them in one place.

spice rack expandable
Find the tiered spice rack HERE.

But if you store your spices in a cabinet, this tiered spice rack is another great option. It allows you to see all of the spices at one time (even if the cabinet is super crowded). And it’s even expandable.

organize your spices tabletop
Find the two-tier spice rack HERE.

I also like this two-tier rack that you can set on a countertop. The iron even gives it a decorative touch!

organize your spices pantry rack
Find the pantry organizer HERE.

If space is an issue, sometimes going vertical is best! This spice rack from Target has 8 tiers and it can go on the inside of your pantry.

Because the tiers are pretty far apart, it can also hold things like olive oil, jars of pasta sauce, and more.

organize your spices clear jars
Find the spice jar set HERE.

Another thing I recommend? Put all of your spices in clear jars so you know how much you have left. It also makes it just look prettier… not essential, but hey, why not!

I found this 12-piece clear spice jar set on QVC. It also includes chalkboard labels so you don’t add cumin when you mean to add cinnamon 😉

Okay, crew… let’s do this! Let me know how your challenge goes and keep checking back for more organizing tasks throughout the month.

From my kitchen to yours,


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