As the Just Jill Shop continues to grow, there’s more and more to browse. And each month, we add new products to ensure you’re able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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So this year, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the most popular products each month. That way, you can check out what everyone else is buying and it may help you discover something new!

So without further ado, here are our January Bestsellers.

Just Jill Shop January Bestsellers

Here are the bestselling products over the last 30 days.

Find My Grandma’s HERE.

Whether you send this cake as a Valentine’s gift or you keep it for yourself, this My Grandma’s Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake is sure to be a hit!

The coffee cake is over 3 pounds and it can be frozen for up to a year!

Find the bagels HERE.

If you’ve ever tried a New York bagel, you know there’s nothing quite like it. But you don’t have to head to the city to get that authentic taste!

Instead, bring home these Bagelista bake at home bagels for a simple breakfast.

Find Bauer’s HERE.

If you like caramels, you’ll love Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas.

The name may not be familiar, but Modjeskas are essentially homemade marshmallows covered in ooey gooey caramel. Deliciousness in every bite!

Find the sodalite bracelet HERE.

Here’s a crazy tidbit. We have almost 300 jewelry pieces in the Just Jill Shop!

And while the PowerBeads sodalite bracelet has always been a bestseller, this month, it was the Petites Sodalite bracelet that took the top spot!

Find the pink aventurine bracelet HERE.

The new Pink Aventurine Angel Wing bracelet was also one of the most popular items of the month.

A beautiful reminder that your angels are always watching over you!

Sterling Silver Jingle Heart Beaded Bracelet with inspirational poem
Find the jingle heart bracelet HERE.

The Jingel Heart collection has always been extra special to me.

When you give this Sterling Silver Jingle Heart bracelet a little shake, the heart emits a subtle chime to let you know you’re not alone. It also comes with a sweet poem!

Find the duo HERE.

Just last week, we introduced Dr. Denese products to the Just Jill Shop and the products are ALREADY selling like hot cakes!

I love this Advanced Firming Facial Pads and HydroShield Dream Cream that are designed to firm and hydrate tired skin.

Find the duo HERE.

But if your neck is your “problem” area, the Neck and Chin Treatment from Dr. Denese may be the next duo you add to your routine.

The serum is simple to roll on and the dream cream is a true savior for my skin.

Find the duo HERE.

Visible lines and wrinkles around your eyes? Try the HydroShield Eye Emulsion and Eye Mask.

These products are for anyone with dry, parched or tired skin—a great pair to give you more youthful-loooking skin.

Find the duo HERE.

If you ask your dermatologist what they never leave the house without, it’s probably sunscreen. After all, the sun is the culprit behind so many skin issues!

This Resurface and Glow Face Wash and SPF will cleans, melt away makeup and protect your face throughout the day.

Find the soap rocks set HERE.

Bonus item! You’ve loved Soap Rocks from the moment they landed in the shop. But we recently added this Soap Rocks set to the mix and it’s ultra popular.

The bundle includes two soap rocks along with a soap dish that works well AND looks good!

Did your favorite products make the list of January Bestsellers?

Whether your favs snagged a spot or you discovered some new products, I hope you enjoyed reading this roundup!

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