This weekend, we officially kicked off the start of the holiday shopping season. But if you didn’t get all of your gifts for your loved ones, there’s still time!

I truly enjoy this time of the year… there’s something special about finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But this time around I’m even MORE excited because I get to bring you a bunch of incredible products from my own small business—the Just Jill Shop.

All of the brands in my shop make high-quality products. Most of them are small businesses as well, and each one has an extra special story that makes them even more important.

This month alone, we added multiple new brands for our Just Jill Giftacular including the ones below:

I still can’t believe it. Can you?

I’ve worked with so many amazing individuals over the past few months. They’re from small towns, from down the street, from midwest farms… and everything we offer at is made with SO much love.

I hope you feel that, too!

As we wrap up our Just Jill Giftacular, I wanted to share some of our newest brands and products that are sure to make perfect holiday gifts. Plus, SHIPPING IS INCLUDED with every purchase!

Berkwood Farms

This week, I introduced Berkwood Farms which is a 100% farmer-owned coalition of independent family farmers. In addition to focusing on humane operations in the USA, their products are free from antibiotics, hormones, growth agents, and byproducts.

Each cut of meat is hand-inspected and cut weekly based on customer orders. You know what that means… freshness every time!

I’m not lying when I say the meat from Berkwood Farms is some of the best I’ve ever tried. Not only does it taste good, but I also feel good about eating it thanks to the undeniable quality of every product.

Find the gold foil holiday ham HERE.

One of the Berkwood Farms offerings at the Just Jill Shop is the Gold Foil Holiday Ham. The ham is tender, juicy, and it comes pre-cooked for easy serving!

Packaged in gold foil, it makes a great holiday meal or a perfect gift for a neighbor or family member. It’s smoked over applewood chips to enhance the flavor, and it’s topped with a mouthwatering honey glaze… my husband and son just about devoured the whole thing!

If you’d like to see more details about the ham including heating instructions, shelf life, serving size and more, click HERE.

Find the combo HERE.

We’re also offering a Boneless Cooked Pit Ham and Grill Combo. The ham is fully-cooked and ready to eat! It can also be served hot for the holidays, or cold on sandwiches.

The combo also comes with a 12-ounce pack of four smoked sausage links and a 1-pound pack of four apple-cranberry brats. No preservatives, no antibiotics, no MSG, and gluten-free!

Find more info about the combo pack HERE.

Find the breakfast sampler HERE.

When we decided to carry Berkwood Farms, I knew we needed a breakfast option. Enter the Breakfast Extravaganza Sampler! It includes bacon, breakfast links, breakfast sausage, and pork patties… that’s a whole 6 pounds of deliciousness!

The best part? This is EXCLUSIVE to Just Jill. How neat! You can cook up a big feast right away or freeze the meats for up to 180 days. A great way to stock up in the new year.

Don’t miss out. Check out more details about the sampler HERE!

Grit and Grace

Grit and Grace is another new brand that I was thrilled to share with you. Born in South Carolina, this small, woman-owned business is centered on sustainability and spreading joy. They also believe that all of us should focus on being the change we wish to see in the world.

From beautiful, decorative oyster dishes to necklaces made with recycled sea glass, each of their products is designed to “give back” in one way or another. It also helps that everything is handcrafted by a small group of empowered individuals who put a lot of love into each of their products.

Find the oyster dish HERE.

When I saw this decoupage oyster jewelry dish, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to feature it in the Just Jill Shop. It’s made with the shell of a genuine oyster, and it works perfectly as a soap dish, catchall for jewelry, decor piece, and more.

Another neat detail is that for every oyster shell product sold, Grit and Grace recycles 10 oyster shells back into the ocean from local Charleston-area restaurants. After all, sustainability is at the heart of everything this company does!

Find the sea glass necklace HERE.

But that’s not where the brand’s sustainability ends. This stunning Moxie Sea Glass Seafoam Necklace is made with recycled sea glass—reminding us all that with courage, grit, and time, we can all overcome our own challenges.

It comes with a delicate chain that’s wrapped in pearl accents… such a small detail that makes all the difference! Remember, each one is unique so the sea glass will come in different shapes and sizes. But that’s what it’s all about since each one of us is unique as well!

Find the goldbug necklace HERE.

We’re also offering this Goldbug Pearl Necklace which is great for layering. When wrapped, it can even be worn as a bracelet!

You can find more details about it HERE.

The Odyssey Charm Bracelet is a dainty piece that’s both subtle and unique. It features three charms including a moon, an Amazonite charm, and a compass.

It makes such a thoughtful graduation gift or holiday gift for the young woman in your life! Take a closer look at it HERE.

Find the blessing beads HERE.

And the last item I’m sharing with you from Grit and Grace is the Blessing Beads. In my home, I’m using them as a door hanger, but they can also be placed in a bowl on your coffee table or draped on your mantle.

Similar to the Oyster Jewelry Dish, the Blessing Beads feature a recycled oyster as a shell pendant. They also include brushed wooden beads to remind you of nature’s beauty and simplicity, and a recycled glass bead in either seafoam or rose.

What a wonderful gift for newlyweds or new homeowners!

Other Just Jill Giftacular Newbies

There are so many new items I’d love to show you all… but I can’t highlight everything! Below, you’ll find a few other items for all of your holiday gifting needs. But remember, you can head over to to see everything we have on the site!

Find the soaps HERE.

If you have trouble shopping for the man in your life, he’ll love this set of soaps from Duke Cannon! My son Trevor adores these because they smell “manly” and they last forever… a great stocking stuffer!

Find the coffee cake HERE.

Coffee cake anyone? If you haven’t tried My Grandma’s of New England, you’re missing out! This giant cake with walnuts can serve up to 26 people. Great for holiday parties or those lazy winter mornings.

Plus, it’s on sale!

Find the combo gift set HERE.

Also on sale for a limited time is this combo gift set from Little Red Kitchen. The set includes three dark chocolate sea salt brownies, 3 brown sugar blondies, a lemon sugar cookie, and a chocolate chip cookie.

small business
Find the jams HERE.

It’s been a huge month for food… so let’s stick with the theme!

This set of jams is from a small business called Southern Roots Sisters. It includes six jams that are both savory and sweet!

Find the pulled pork HERE.

But if you’re looking for something more hearty, you’ll have to check out Corky’s. This pulled pork pack comes with 3 pounds of meat—ideal for big potluck parties!

Find the hoops HERE.

How about I wrap things up with a new jewelry item?

Made with polished sterling silver, these little huggie hoop earrings are a great gift for your daughter, mom, or best friend. They’re dainty but they’re sure to make an impression. They also come in multiple gemstone colors!


Thank you all for your continued support of the Just Jill Shop. I have so much fun sharing these items with you and I couldn’t do it without your love and encouragement!

Oh, and remember to get your shopping done soon to ensure your items arrive by Christmas!

From my shop to your home,


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