Hello, friends! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I asked my daughter Kylie, and Megan from the Just Jill team to share their favorite Mother’s Day gift picks.

You’ve heard me share my recommendations time and time again, so I thought it would be fun to hand the mic to these two instead. Hopefully, it will give you a new perspective on the gifting minds of girls in their 20s!

Enough of me… here’s what they have to say!

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Kylie’s Mother’s Day Gift Picks

Hello, all of you lovely readers! My name is Kylie, and I’m Jill Bauer’s daughter! Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts carried by the Just Jill Shop.

Grit and Grace

These oyster dishes are the perfect presents for those hard-to-shop-for moms everywhere. While a piece of jewelry is always a great go-to, having a cute place to put that jewelry is just as important!

Mother's Day Gift Picks

These Grit and Grace oyster dishes are some of our best sellers when it comes to gift-giving. Not to mention, there are 11 different designs to choose from!

I love the fact that Grit and Grace is part of a program that recycles oyster shells. They actively help to restore the marine that inspired their design!

Epiphany Studios Hand-Blown Glass Dove

We recently added the Epiphany Studios collection to the shop and let me tell you… I’m already in love.

While it’s hard to choose a favorite, my eyes are set on this dove that is so peaceful and beautiful.

Heart-Shaped Slate Board Serving Set

My mom is a HUGE charcuterie board fan.

Whether we made it because guests were coming over or we were creating one for dinner, I can’t count the number of times I have helped my mom make one.

Mother's Day Gift Picks slate board

For me, this heart-shaped serving set perfectly captures all of the love and memories that go hand-in-hand with making a spread.

Satya Commune with Love Blue Topaz Adjustable Ring

As someone with larger-sized fingers, I’m always excited to find cute adjustable rings!

Mother's Day Gift Picks

The blue topaz nestled in the middle of this ring represents wisdom, communication, and love.

I love the thought of gifting someone something that has a deeper meaning. Not to mention, the sleek design makes it a simple yet elegant addition to any jewelry collection.

Hope’s Handcrafted Small Batch Caramels

Every Hope’s Caramel I’ve tried is absolutely delicious.

They’re hard to resist, and it’s hard to have just one! They have the best texture and they don’t stick to your teeth. A win-win!

Silvadore Wine Preserver Set of 2 with Bonus Offer

My mom is someone who enjoys a glass of wine, but it’s usually just that, a glass.

Sadly, after it’s been opened, it just doesn’t taste the same. Save your wine AND tastebuds with Silvadore!

If you are skeptical, you wouldn’t be the first. Not to worry, it is completely safe to use. My grandparents are big wine drinkers and they were hesitant to try it at first. Now, they love it!

My Grandmas 3.1lb Blueberry Coffee Cake

If you want to treat your mom to something sweet, then boy, you’ve found what you’re looking for! Trust me, this coffee cake will not disappoint.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

If I had to choose my top three products at Just Jill Shop, one of my choices would be this blueberry coffee cake. My Grandma’s coffee cakes may be considered breakfast food, but they can easily double as a delicious dessert!

WanderFull HydroBags

Sometimes those big and bulky purses are not worth the hassle. They are heavy, and it’s so easy to lose stuff, which is why I love HydroBags.

These bags make organization a breeze, you can carry everything you need without it weighing you down. Plus, it’s equipped to carry a water bottle, so you stay hydrated and look cute while doing it!

My mom and I both have one and we carry it everywhere. In fact, it’s replaced our purses.

LUMIZ Lanterns

I just love the way LUMIZ lanterns light up our backyard. And when summer rolls around, they’ll be perfect for outdoor entertaining!

Not only are they weather-resistant, but they come with a remote Mom can use for easy control.

Red-Throated Hummingbird

While we’re outside, let me share this red-throated hummingbird that is striking in person.

It’s made with acrylic but it looks like crystal. They also have the perfect pop of color!

Roman Glass Jewelry

I believe that gift-giving is a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, which is why I try and find items that have a deeper meaning.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

These pieces of Roman Glass jewelry are absolutely radiant. I can’t describe how gorgeous the pieces look when it catches the light in the sun.

Each piece is unique, so you would be buying a one-of-a-kind! These pieces were excavated in Israel, dating back hundreds of years to the Romans.

When you wear Roman Glass, you wear a piece of history!

Kc Essentials Beach Soaps

Sometimes, the simply stated presents are the best. Tell your mom you love her with this beach-themed soap set.

These homemade soaps are sure to make her skin feel cared for.

Each product is made with natural ingredients, including essential oils. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum derivatives, and other harsh chemicals.

Kc Essentials Mother’s Day Dough Bowl

Also from Kc Essentials is this dough bowl candle. It even says “Happy Mother’s Day” on it. Perfect for gifting!

The scent is hibiscus palm which is light but still fragrant. It’s hard to explain, but I can’t get enough of it!

Megan’s Mother’s Day Gift Picks

Hi all! It’s Megan from the Just Jill team.

Is it just me? Or does shopping for loved ones get harder and harder each year?

Luckily, the Just Jill Shop has come in handy for all of my gifting needs — from birthdays to Christmas and more. And now, I’m turning to the shop for my Mother’s Day gifts as well!

Here’s what I have my eye on.

WanderFull Belt Bag

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the popularity of belt bags has SOARED over the last couple of years. And today, they’re just as popular!

Mother's Day Gift Picks belt bag

My mom is always running around with her hands full. I know she’d love this bag because it allows her to keep all of her essentials nearby while staying hands-free.

Plus, that little “pocket” you see on the side actually holds a water bottle!

Polish Pottery Colleciton

My family is Polish which is why our Polish Pottery collection is extra special. The artistry and detail is one thing — knowing how much work goes into each piece is another.

I don’t know if I can choose a favorite piece. All of them feature the striking blue that’s typical of Polish Pottery, along with pops of color that make any space more vibrant.

I know my mom would love the collection as much as I do!

My Grandma’s Banana Walnut Coffee Cake

My mom has always been a banana-lover. Banana cake, banana pudding (my favorite, too), banana Laffy Taffy. You name it.

That’s why she’d go crazy for this banana walnut coffee cake.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

Swirlled with ribbons of cinnamon and filled with that sweet banana flavor, this cake is truly mouthwatering. I also love the crunch that comes from the walnuts. The texture and flavor combos are everything!

Happy to Meat You Italian Beef Sandwich Kit

My mom was born and raised in a town called Northbrook, IL, which sits around 30 minutes north of Chicago.

Her parents built their house and lived there for the rest of their lives. So, my sister and I can essentially call the Windy City our second home.

Happy to Meat You Gotta Beef with Us Italiajn Beef

What comes with this second home? Classic Chicago food picks like deep dish pizza, the iconic Chicago dog and of course, authentic Italian beef.

The Italian Veef Sandwich Kit from Happy to Meat You is as close as you can get to taking an actual trip to Chicago… but without the travel. Because it’s delivered directly to your door thanks to the Just Jill Shop!

Southern Roots Sisters Pepper Jams

My family loves having appetizer nights.

We’ll set out shrimp cocktail, meats and cheeses, guac and chips, and more. And recently, we’ve started to set out the pepper jams from Southern Roots Sisters.

Mother's Day Gift Picks pepper jam

My mom is a HUGE fan of heat. And while the pepper jams are only subtly spicy, they give my mom that sweet heat kick she adores!

Recently, we’ve been pairing goat cheese with crackers and the jams. Delectable!

Funky Chunky

I remember when Jill first shared Funky Chunky with me. We were having a meeting in the office and we had a few samples on the table.

I can tell you with certainty that by the end of the meeting, the jars were empty.

And while I’ll take full responsibility for polishing off a jar to myself (whoops), it’s evident that everyone in the office was head over heels for the brand.

Like me, my mom is a snacker. I think she’d love these! Especially because of all the textures and flavors.

Just Jill Lip Balms

You’re hearing it from me. The Just Jill Lip Balm Set is the MOST underrated product in the Just Jill Shop.

And one of the cheapest, too!

Mother's Day Gift Picks lip balm

These vanilla mint-flavored balms come in a pack of three and they’re formulated with SPF 15 protection to keep your lips safe from the sun.

And while that’s a perk, I keep the balms on me at all times because the flavor is outrageously good. Have you tried the Orbit Sweet Mint gum? It’s exactly like that… but better.

Plus, they keep my lips nourished and don’t dry them out!

Santa Fe Ecclissi Watch

In December of 2021, my family visited Santa Fe, NM, for the first time. We’re from Colorado and drove down to check it out right before Christmas.

All I can say is WOW. The art. The culture. The food. It was all amazing.

It was my first time visiting Santa Fe, but it wasn’t my mom’s first time. She’s always adored the city (like Jill!) and I know she would adore this watch.

It’s unique. But classic. And it’s truly timeless — I wouldn’t mind if she passed it down to me in the future!

The Mercury Glass “Home” Candle

Jill has said it once or twice… but the “Home” scent from the Just Jill fragrance collection is the best out there.

I’ll take that statement to the grave.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

My mom burns candles every day of the year and with the fresh scent of “Home,” I know she’d be a fan of this fragrance.

And the mercury glass jar? I love it because it doubles as decor!

Italian Gold-Plated Rolo Bracelet

Jill gifted me this Italian rolo bracelet a while back and I get compliments on it all the time. It’s great for recipients of any age and I love that it goes with any outfit.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

I’m a gold jewelry gal so I love the gold, but it also comes plated in rhodium for all of you silver ladies out there.

Serenity Prayer PowerBeads Bracelet

One of the first things Jill learned about me when I joined the team is my dedication to my faith. I don’t know where I would be without God in my life and my prayers help me stay grounded throughout the day.

Mother's Day Gift Picks

So when this serenity prayer PowerBeads bracelet landed in the shop, Jill knew I would be a fan. Furthermore, I knew my mom would be a fan because she’s also a woman of faith.

Whether you practice a religion or not, this bracelet is a lovely way to bring yourself some peace and clarity.

Wonderful picks, don’t you think? I hope these recommendations from Kylie and Megan will help you find a gift you, your mom or your mother figure will love too.

From my home to yours,

Jill, Kylie and Megan

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