Running kids around from one little league game to the next. Preparing lunch with a heartfelt note. Writing a list of chores — only for them to be brushed aside. Holding a teenager as they experience heartbreak for the first time.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re probably a mom.

Becoming a mom was the best gift I ever received, and despite the struggles, doubt and frustration that come with motherhood, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here’s a photo of my family at a Philadelphia Eagles game!

Receiving the title of “Mom” was enough of a gift for me. But my family has always liked to make Mother’s Day feel extra special.

From homemade meals to outings in the city, they really go above and beyond to show they care.

I’m sure lots of you feel the same, but if your family insists on getting you a little gift—or if you’re the gift giver, trying to get a great gift for your mother—I have a few ideas that you can check out. I know I always loved giving my mom a sweet gift!

Here’s a photo of me and my mom!

Below, you’ll see some Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to bring a smile to her face.

There are some style options (like cozy cardigans!), some household items and some spa essentials for the mom who needs a little relaxing.

Just remember, Mother’s Day is on MAY 8, which means it’s approaching fast!

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Mother’s Day Gifts For The Home and Kitchen

Is Mom a chef? Or maybe someone who takes a lot of pride in her household? Then I’m sure she’ll love these gifts.

Find the water bottle HERE.

Whether she likes to work out or she simply wants to stay hydrated, Mom is sure to enjoy this Takeya Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

It can keep cold drinks cool for over 24 hours. Plus, it comes in multiple colors!

Find the coffee maker HERE.

I’ve never been a huge coffee person, but I know women who can’t function without a regular cup (or two) in the morning!

If you know someone like that, they’re going to love this Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker.

It has a one-touch operation, and it can make two cup sizes—one for coffee and one for espresso.

Find the wine opener HERE.

Did someone say 5 O’clock?

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter what time she wants to enjoy some wine, but this Rabbit Pro Automatic Wine Opener will make pouring a glass so much easier.

Find Silvadore HERE.

And if she doesn’t drink the whole bottle, she can keep her wine fresh for over 2 weeks with a set of Silvadore wine preservers.

Find the “Home” candles HERE.

And while she’s enjoying some wine or simply unwinding, help her relax with a set of the Just Jill “Home” Candles.

The scent is SO fresh and it’s made with 100 percent soy wax.

Find the candles HERE.

Does she want a seasonal scent? We have a variety of candles that are perfect for spring and summer.

Each candle will burn for approximately 75 hours!

Find the melts HERE.

Our newest addition to the Just Jill fragrance collection… wax melts!

Great for areas where candles aren’t allowed (like a communal living home or dorn), or great for those with pets.

Find the wax warmer HERE.

Remember, you’ll need a warmer like this one if you want to safely melt your wax chips.

It’s easy to use and it doubles as decor!

Find the vacuum HERE.

This EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum is a neat little gadget that will make her household chores even easier.

Simply sweet dust and dirt in front of the vacuum, and the sensor will trigger it to suck up all of that debris.

Find the throw HERE.

Movie nights with the family wouldn’t be the same without some blankets!

But if Mom’s go-to is looking a little ragged, it might be a good idea to gift her this Just Jill cotton woven throw.

Find the throw HERE.

And if you’re looking for one that’s extra plush and cozy, you can’t go wrong with a Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw. It’s one of my favs!

Style Favorites For Mother’s Day

Keep Mom feeling stylish in these must-have essentials.

I discovered some accessories, purses, clothing and shoes. I hope you find something worth checking out!

Find the slippers HERE.

My mom always tells me her feet are cold… no matter the season! That’s why I have my eyes on these Dearfoams Fireside Slippers.

They’re great for the house, but they have a hard sole bottom which means she can easily run to the mailbox without having to change into another pair of shoes.

jill barefoot dreams
Find the cardigans HERE.

Barefoot Dreams is also great for loungewear. And they have so many comfortable styles to choose from!

They’re versatile and Mom can wear them around the home or out and about.

Find the necklace HERE.

Does she need a little accessory upgrade? Jewelry is always a good idea! This Satya Jewelry heart pendant is plated in 18-karat gold but it also comes plated in sterling silver.

Find the paperclip necklace HERE.

If she prefers something that can be worn with anything (and I really mean anything), turn your attention toward this paperclip necklace. Great for layering!

Find the wallet HERE.

A good wallet is a must if Mom wants to keep everything in order. I adore the simplicity of this Kate Spade wallet… plus, it opens up to feature multiple spaces for cards!

Find the HydroBag HERE.

When it comes to bags, I can’t recommend WanderFull enough. This HydroBag looks stylish, holds basic essentials AND keeps you hydrated. It holds up to a 32-ounce water bottle!

(Find all WanderFull bags HERE.)

Find PowerBeads HERE.

So many of you are fans of PowerBeads by jen bracelets. And if you love them, Mom is sure to love them too! Each piece is meaningful and they’re great for stacking. I wear one every day!

Find the collection HERE.

Our My Saint My Hero collection is filled with new items and bestsellers. This bracelet is top-rated and so inspiring.

Find the earrings HERE.

If she’s in need of a new pair of earrings, these Twisted Hoops are sure to put a smile on her face! You can get them in an 18K yellow gold-plated option, an 18K rose gold-plated option, and plated in rhodium.

Beauty and Spa Items For Mom

Give mom a relaxing day at home with these calming spa gifts. I also added some beauty finds to make her feel extra pretty!

Find the foot spa HERE.

Going to get a regular pedicure isn’t always practical or affordable. Luckily Mom doesn’t have to leave home to feel pampered thanks to this HoMedics Shower Bliss Foot Spa!

Find the socks HERE.

Two words: fuzzy socks. Everyone loves them so there’s really no going wrong with this gift.

I found this Earth Therapeutics 2-Pack which comes with plush, aloe-infused socks. I might even buy a couple of pairs for myself…

Find the whipped soaps HERE.

Since we’re on the topic of relaxation, I thought I’d show you these Kc Essentials whipped soap scrubs which are both nourishing and pampering!

Find the foot cream HERE.

And if she’s in the mood for an at-home pedicure experience, the Save My Sole Foot Rescue Cream from PEAK 10 is incredibly hydrating!

Find the perfume set HERE.

Is Mom in need of a new fragrance? Check out this deluxe mini perfume sampler from Sephora which allows her to try a variety of scents!

Find the spa set HERE.

You all know about my love for Philosophy. I’ve owned some of their products for over a decade!

This year, you can get Mom this Super-Size Body Spritz and Lotion Duo as one of her Mother’s Day gifts.

It comes with two large body lotions, and a body spritz (that if you ask me, can also be used as a room freshener!)

Other Gifts For Mother’s Day

Here are some additional Mother’s Day gifts you can give mom on May 8.

If she loves to tend to her garden, you’ll have to check out the selection of garden essentials at the Just Jill Shop!

Find the chandelier HERE.

We have this sweet bird-on-leaf bird bath that brings a touch of decor to any garden.

Find the tool set HERE.

And if she needs to tend to her plants, I found a great gardening tools set from Williams Sonoma.

Find the wind chime HERE.

This is one of our newer gardening items at the shop! It’s a sunflower wind chime and it’s a favorite in my own garden!

Moving onto other gifts she’ll love…

Find the makeup mirror HERE.

If the lighting isn’t right, getting a perfect makeup look is much more difficult! That’s why this Makeup Vanity Mirror makes a great gift for Mom.

Despite the dreary weather or the busted lightbulb, she’ll be able to see clearly thanks to the LED bulbs on this mirror.

Find the drinkware set HERE.

This Vintage Etched Glassware Collection is about as beautiful as it is practical. A perfect option for the mom who likes entertaining!

Find the Polish Pottery collection HERE.

Also great for entertaining is our Polish Pottery collection — filled with dinnerware, bakeware, and a variety of items that are handpainted and one-of-a-kind.

Find the torte bars HERE.

One of the most popular desserts at the Just Jill Shop is Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte Bars.

When I first saw it I didn’t know what I was getting into… but now? I can confidently say it’s one of the BEST cakes I’ve ever had!

Find the coffee cakes HERE.

She’s also sure to love our My Grandma’s of New England coffee cakes in the shop. This one4 is a Pineapple Coconut Coffee Cake, but we have a variety of cakes including banana walnut, chocolate, blueberry and more.

The best part? These 3-pound cakes can feed up to 26 people, making them wonderful for entertaining.

Bauer's Candies Modjeskas Gift Box 1 lb.
Find Bauer’s HERE.

I wish I could say I’m related to the creators of Bauer’s Candies… that way I could take partial credit for how GOOD these Modjeskas are!

How can you go wrong with homemade marshmallows covered in caramel?

I hope one of these gifts will put a smile on Mom’s face.

From my home to yours,


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