I love coming up with new recipes, throwing together easy snacks, and decorating my table for the holidays. In other words, I like to spend a lot of time in my kitchen.

That’s why I have my sights set on some of the most helpful baking and cooking gifts of the season.

I’m always surprised to see how many new items I find as the holidays roll around.

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Sure, I already have a lot of cooking and baking supplies, but I always seem to find something new and noteworthy!

If you have a friend or family member who claims the title of “cooking connoisseur,” you’ll want to check out my guide full of gifts for the chef on your list.

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How To Find Cooking Gifts This Season

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenging task. But one of my favorite ways to come up with ideas is by looking at the things I use in my own life.

If you love it, someone else is bound to love it too!

Another strategy? Browse your favorite stores in person or online and see if your search sparks any ideas.

If you’re on a time constraint, you can check out my list to see if one of my finds will do the trick!

My Favorite Gifts For Bakers

Baking can be difficult to master. But if you know someone who has the magic touch, they might enjoy a baking-inspired gift for the holidays!

Here are a few gifts I discovered for the baker in your life.

Find the cookie scoops HERE.

First up is my favorite cookie dough scoops by OXO. They come in a choice of small or medium, but I recommend getting both so you always have what you need on hand.

The spring release handle is easy to use and I love having a consistent size and shape when baking my cookies. Cookie scoops are also great for making meatballs, energy bites, or for measuring out pancake batter.

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Find the pans HERE.

And to go right along with the scoops, you can include this set of 2 rimmed baking sheets.

I love the sizes here… a jelly roll size which is great as a cookie sheet but also works for a sheet cake or a sheet pan dinner.

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I’ve been using these baking sheets a lot lately and I love the non-stick style. The cookies always seem to get perfectly golden brown!

The smaller size should fit into most toaster ovens. It’s also more manageable when you’re baking for one or two.

Find the rolling pin HERE.

Get into the holiday spirit with this festive rolling pin!

Instead of going with a generic-looking treat, this pin will create a cute pattern for cookies, pies, and more.

Find the pie HERE.

Speaking of pies… did you know we have a rice crispy “pie” from Sweeteez in the Just Jill Shop? It’s such a great treat!

Find the Pyrex set HERE.

This Pyrex Dish Set comes in handy for anyone preparing multiple dishes at once (think Thanksgiving!).

Each one is made with durable tempered glass which ensures even baking and I love that the dishes come with lids.

Find the cutting board HERE.

Here’s a meaningful gift any chef will love.

It’s a Personalized Cutting Board made with maple or walnut wood. You can customize it by choosing the shape of the board, the type of wood, and the style of engraving in the corner.

Everyone needs a cutting board… why not make it meaningful!

Find the bowls HERE.

I adore the look of these mixing bowls! The texture, the versatile pattern… they immediately grabbed my attention.

My favorite part? They’re dishwasher safe which is great for anyone’s cleaning routine.

Find the mitts HERE.

For the one constantly popping dishes in and out of the oven, gift this adorable Oven Mitt and Pot Holder.

The striped style is timeless. I also love that they come in a few colors!

Find the baking cups HERE.

Here’s a good option for the eco-conscious baker. It’s a set of baking cups made with heat-resistant silicone, so they can be used over and over again!

They’re also cost-effective and super fun. Who wouldn’t love these bright colors?

Find the holiday mixing bowl set HERE.

Do you have a new chef on your list? Maybe a child or grandchild that wants to learn to bake?

If so, they might like this petite Holiday Mixing Bowl Set. It’s small in size and great for making pastries, Christmas cookies, and more.

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Find Baketivity HERE.

Another fun thing you can do with the kids? Have a fun baking night with a little help from Baketivity.

Equipped with almost all of the ingredients you need for a delicious dessert, Baketivity makes creating a tasty treat super simple.

The kits also come with easy-to-follow instructions and an educational component!

Find the apron HERE.

Eliminate the mess with this cute apron. It’s perfect for the holidays but it has a timeless year-round look.

It’s also affordable so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty over time.

Cooking Gifts I Have My Eye On

Whether it’s online or in the store, I tend to gravitate toward the cooking section because I love to find new ways to elevate my recipes.

These cooking gifts are great for new and seasoned cooks alike.

Find the skillets HERE.

If you enter my kitchen and look at my cookware, you’ll see that I use All-Clad. I invested in a complete hard anodized set a few years ago, and I haven’t regretted the purchase once.

Buying a complete set of All-Clad can be pricey. That’s why I was so excited to see this set of 2 All-Clad skillets at a pretty affordable price.

It gives you a chance to try the performance to see if you want to invest later… and the All-Clad pedigree is impressive if you’re gifting.

These are the exact pans that are in my set, so I have 100% confidence in recommending them for yourself or for the aspiring cook on your list.

Key features: you can use them on all stovetops, they’re oven safe up to 500 degrees, they’re dishwasher safe, and PFOA free non-stick. They’re excellent.

Find the cheese grater HERE.

Don’t you love when you go to a nice restaurant and you’re offered fresh, grated cheese over your salad or pasta?

This OXO cheese grater lets you create that same experience at home. You can also use this tool to grate nuts or chocolate—so it makes desserts look fancy too!

Find the tortilla press HERE.

This one is a little more unique… but it surely caught my attention! It’s a Cast-Iron Tortilla Press that will help anyone make warm, delicious tortillas at home.

Now, taco night can take on a whole new level of flavor!

Find the knife set HERE.

Some people collect knives—adding new ones to their collection over time.

But if someone is just learning to cook or they aren’t too picky, it could be a good idea to look into an all-inclusive knife set.

This one from Cuisinart includes 15 knives, a pair of scissors, and a block to keep everything organized. I think it also makes a good gift for a new homeowner!

Find the syringe HERE.

With Thanksgiving coming up, a good baster is necessary which is why I added this syringe style from Target.

By adding some juices to the meat, it will stay moist and flavorful. What more could you want in a tasty dinner?

Find the dutch oven HERE.

Lodge is a trusted brand in my household which is why I feel comfortable recommending this Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

These hearty dishes are ideal for maintaining low and slow temperatures for a long time—like when you’re braising meat or letting a stew cook on the stove.

Find the salt set HERE.

Salt is a great way to amp up the flavor in any dish. And with a gift from Saltopia, you can share unique and flavorful salts with anyone on your list.

In the Just Jill Shop, we have multiple varieties including the “carnivore grill” set, the “ultimate veggie lover” set and more.

Find the cookbook HERE.

This is still one of my favorite cookbooks because it’s filled with unique and easy-to-make recipes!

They’re all soul-inspired meaning they’ll hit the spot every time. Collections of recipes are also good cooking gifts for someone who likes to entertain guests.

This gift isn’t just for cooks. It’s for cooks, bakers and entertainers alike!

Find the boards HERE.

We recently added this festive serving board to the Just Jill Shop. It’s great for appetizers, but it also serves as a nice decorative piece for your kitchen.

Enjoy my recipes! This board comes with three recipe cards featuring my favorite holiday treats and meals!

The Best Kitchen Gadgets and Small Appliances

I couldn’t live without my cast iron cookware or my trusty serving dishes. But I’m definitely a fan of all those new and innovative gadgets and appliances.

Below, I added everything from a no-touch soap dispenser to an immersion mixer.

Find the pump HERE.

I love a practical present that has style. That’s how I’d describe this stainless steel no-touch sensor pump by simplehuman.

It looks sleek in the kitchen and it distributes the perfect amount each time. Plus, because no one is touching the pump, it’s one less thing to worry about cleaning and disinfecting!

I think the idea of using this with sanitizer is brilliant.

Find the wine preservers HERE.

Have a wine lover on your list? I can’t recommend these Silvadore Wine Preservers enough.

Instead of corking your wine and having it go bad in a couple of days, these canisters use food-grade argon to keep your bottle fresh for two weeks!

Just pour yourself a glass, spray some of the Silvadore inside the bottle, re-cork, and you’re good to go!

air fryer header jill
Find the air fryer HERE.

Air Fryers were quite the sensation when they hit the market a few years ago.

I love it as a gift idea for the cooking enthusiast or a busy family. It’s one of those appliances most people are interested in but aren’t always sure they want to buy for themselves.

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My pick for an air fryer is the Power XL. This air fryer has been a leader in this category and has all the features you need at a great price.

I recommend starting with the 5 qt size. It’s the “Goldilocks” size for most households.

Find the immersion blender HERE.

The Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender comes with a hand blender and a 24-ounce mixing cup.

While it may be small, it’s great for making everything from salsa to soup and smoothies!

Find the Nespresso machine HERE.

Okay, so this one might not actually require cooking… but it’s perfect for the person who’s always in the kitchen.

It’s called the Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine it easily makes espresso or a cup of coffee in a matter of seconds!

I’m also a huge fan of the Nespresso brand and find that the quality of their products is unmatched.

Find the food processor HERE.

When chopping just doesn’t cut it, a trusty food processor may come in handy.

But if the person on your list doesn’t have one, I think this option from Black and Decker would make a good gift! It’s extremely affordable, a bestseller on the site and it comes with a powerful motor.

Food Gifts for The Foodie

I’ve always loved baking and cooking but I understand that there are plenty of people who would rather dine out or order in.

Not all food lovers have to be food creators!

And if this sounds like someone you know, send them one of these food gifts instead.

If you’re looking for high-quality, premium meat, you can’t go wrong with Happy to Meat You.

We carry burgers, sirloin, hot dogs, Italian beef, salmon… you need it? We have it!

If you want an authentic New York bagel without having to take a trip to the Big Apple, you’ll have to try a bagel from Bagelista.

Named the best cake in America by the Huffington Post, the toasted almond torte is truly a gift for your tastebuds.

We also have pineapple upside-down cake and “Gobs” (essentially a whoopie pie) from Prantl’s Bakery also available in the shop.

If you tuned into my Facebook Live this week, you probably heard me going nuts over My Grandma’s of New England coffee cakes.

They’re the moistest cakes I’ve ever had. And now, we have seasonal selections like Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake and Cranberry Walnut Coffee Cake in addition to the classics!

Sweeteez treats make a great gift of food for anyone on your list.

You won’t believe how big these cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats are! (This brand is the one that makes the pumpkin “pie” above. So good!)

Handcrafted in small batches, Miss Ginny’s Toffee has been around for over 25 years.

And for a good reason! Each batch of toffee provides a rich and buttery crunch that’s purely irresistible.

Another irresistible toffee brand we have in the shop? Scamps Toffee.

In addition to melt-in-your-mouth toffee pieces, we also carry toffee sauces, toffee toppings and toffee gift sets.

Isn’t the packaging on these Adams Apple Co. sets the cutest?

Find boxes filled with items for the grill master, for the breakfast lover, or for the ultimate baker.

Speaking of cute packaging… every set from Southern Roots Sisters comes in these boxes that are ideal for gifting.

And they’re filled with some of the best jams and cookie mixes you’ll ever have!

The nuts from Pear’s Snacks make great stocking stuffers!

Or simply a good snack to keep around the house during the holiday season.

If you have a sweet tooth, turn your attention toward Bauer’s Candies.

These are called Modjeskas which are handmade marshmallows covered in caramel. YUM!


Another great gift for someone with a sweet tooth are the caramels and caramel pops from Hope’s Caramels.

I don’t talk about Queen Honey all that much, but this natural, organic honey is purely ENJOYABLE!

Each batch is ethically sourced, pure and a great topping for anything from crackers to oatmeal to bread.

Did any of these catch your eye? I know that a few people on my list will be head-over-heels for the personalized goods.

What I love about these cooking gifts is that they’re all practical and will last far beyond the holiday season.

And while you still have some time to gather up your presents, you’ll want to act soon to ensure they’ll come in time. Happy shopping!

From my holiday home to yours,


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