Thanksgiving is all about good food and great company.

But if you want your meal to go off without a hitch, you’ll need some Thanksgiving essentials on hand before the holiday.

Between cooking the turkey and setting your table, there’s a lot of preparation involved in a Thanksgiving meal.

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And since it’s my favorite feast of the year, I’ve already started planning out how to make this one extra memorable!

Below, you can find some Thanksgiving table must-haves that I added to my own home. So, take a look at my finds, add a few to your list, and get ready to have a wonderful holiday season.

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Thanksgiving Table Essentials

The food, the smells, the conversations I have with my loved ones… there’s so much to enjoy about Thanksgiving!

But one of my favorite parts about the holiday is setting my table with serving dishes, dinnerware, and table decor. Here are some of my table ideas for this year’s meal.

I like to start off by using some pretty table linens.

This year, I’m using a plaid tablecloth topped with a “Give Thanks” runner. The layering really adds some dimension to the table!

Find similar table cloths and runners here:

Five placemats also help your guests know where to sit before filling their bellies. I love the texture in this beaded pumpkin placemat. Don’t you?

Find similar placemats here:

You know me and my decor… I just can’t get enough! The same applies to my Thanksgiving table.

This gorgeous wood pumpkin candle will sit alongside my centerpiece.

And since it’s unscented, it won’t compete with all of the yummy smells from my homemade dinner!

Surrounded by small tea lights and mini pumpkins, it adds some warmth to the whole look.

Find similar pumpkin candles here:

My floral centerpiece includes some autumn leaves and apples and hydrangeas.

I like that it features a variety of colors, and it’s nice that it’s short enough that I can still see my guests across the table.

The one I use on my table isn’t available anymore, but I found this beautiful centerpiece from William’s Sonoma that encompasses all of the colors of fall!

Decor can also be practical, right?

That’s why I’m head over heels for these adorable acorn salt and pepper shakers. Too cute!

Find similar shakers here:

These small leaf-shaped plates are also good decorative piece that serves a purpose.

Perfect for dinner rolls or appetizers, they’re a great side plate for your guests.

Find similar leaf plates here:

Speaking of dinner rolls, I’m placing mine in a weave breadbasket. It comes in two colors, but this burnt orange option was calling my name!

Of course, you’ll need a place to showcase your turkey.

This platter has a beautifully textured border, and the simplicity of the white means that the table won’t look too busy.

Find similar platters here:

Whether you have it with turkey or mashed potatoes, gravy is a must on every Thanksgiving table.

My favorite part about this gravy boat is the scalloped top. A simple touch that makes all the difference.

Find the butter dish HERE.

Sticking with the white theme, I’m adding this butter dish to my table this year.

Something about the pretty handle caught my eye.

Frankly, I’m a little obsessed with this piece. It adds a little bit of elegance! I’ll be using this long after Thanksgiving dinner is over!

And whether I’m serving cider or ice water, I always make sure to have plenty of glassware.

These green goblets are actually acrylic, but they look so nice!

Find similar goblets here:

Instead of bringing the appetizers to the table, I like to set mine on a side table instead.

I love this wood and marble stand that makes presenting meats, cheeses, and crackers easy.

Those little leaf plates I showed you above can also be placed next to the stand so that people can walk around while enjoying your treats!

Meal Prep Musts

There’s so much to love about setting up a Thanksgiving table. But prepping your food is the first step to a great meal!

Here are a few items I added to my kitchen to make the most of my Thanksgiving dishes.

Find the Le Creuset dish HERE.

Stuffing is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. It’s one of those that you can play around with, add different items every time you make it, and it’s still going to taste good!

This dish from Le Creuset is the perfect size for a batch of stuffing. It’s also great for casseroles or holiday desserts!

Find the roaster HERE.

Even with all of the delicious sides, the turkey is still my favorite part of the meal.

This stainless steel roaster by Calphalon is designed to cook your turkey evenly while collecting all those flavorful juices in the bottom.

Find the meat thermometer HERE.

Worried about a perfectly cooked turkey? That’s when a meat thermometer comes in handy!

I don’t own this one, but it has some great ratings and it reads really fast.

Find the lifters HERE.

And when your turkey is finally cooked through, you can lift it out of the roaster with these OXO lifters.

Find the separator HERE.

Here’s where some people go wrong… don’t toss all of the juices after you take your turkey out of the oven! Instead, pour them into this fat separator and let the juices settle.

The strainer stops unwanted bits from pouring out and the stopper keeps fat out of the spout. Now, you’ll have all of those flavorful juices to pour over your turkey.

Find the electric knife HERE.

After your turkey is removed from the oven and cooled a bit, you can use an electric knife to slice the meat.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get perfectly sliced portions. (You can also use it to slice bread!)

Need some turkey-slicing tips? Check out my carving video below.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be sliced perfectly to taste good. But I hope these tips are helpful!

Find the pie protector HERE.

And how frustrating is it when you put hours into a pie just for it to burn?

This nifty silicone protector makes sure the crust bakes wonderfully every time—no burning here!

So, what do you think of my Thanksgiving table? I can’t wait for the holiday and I hope you’re just as excited!

Oh… and if you’re looking for some Thanksgiving desserts, you can find them HERE.

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