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It’s getting down to the wire with gift ideas, isn’t it?

With so much talk about clogged delivery lanes and reminders to order early, I’m here to tell you that you still have time. Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? I did too.

I have always loved shopping for holiday gifts. When I was 9 years old, I had a collection of 1976 quarters that I had saved. It was the year of the country’s bicentennial, and those specialty quarters where always a treasure to find. I collected and saved, and at the end of the year, I announced to my Mom that I wanted to buy gifts for everyone in our family with my own money.

So, we headed out to a local discount store, and I bought something for my parents, grandparents and all of my cousins. This is my first memory of how special it can be to find that “perfect” gift…and the joy that giving brings.

I share this with all of you because I want you to know that I put a lot of thought into the gift ideas I feature on Just Jill. Truly, if I wouldn’t give it as a gift, it’s not showing up on this list.

So if you’re still stumped by what to get your sister in law, a college aged granddaughter, a dear friend or a kind neighbor, I hope these ideas offer some last minute relief for your holiday stress.

And if you’re worried about delivery, that’s where same day delivery (where available) and curbside pickup come in. Bed Bath & Beyond offer both conveniences to their customers…and I’ve used both this holiday season. Curbside pickup is available up until Christmas Eve!

I love shopping from home, with the confidence that exactly what I want and have ordered is waiting for me at the store, ready to go. It gives me a reason to get out of the house for a little drive in addition to some nice peace of mind.

Unique Gift Ideas

You can see more about this shower speaker HERE

I’m so excited about this bluetooth shower speaker! It’s the perfect gift for my 15 year old son, Trevor. Trevor is at the age where he’s getting really hard to buy for…how many baseball team shirts does a kid need? He loves music and I often hear him belting out tunes while taking a shower. I think he’s going to get a real kick out of this item and I feel like I found something he’ll never expect, but will totally enjoy!

For information on this light therapy lamp, click HERE

We’ve all had to make adjustments for working or studying at home during Covid. And if that means you have a student working down in a dark basement, or you’ve had to set up a desk in a dark corner, then this Verilux Happy Light is for you.

The idea with these light therapy lamps is that they expose you to boosts of “good for you” light and could help to alleviate the winter blues, overcome fatigue and reset your sleep cycle. It contains NO UV, so it is safe for skin and eyes. This Happy Light emits 10,000 lux of brightness, which is recommended for effectiveness and safety.

Click HERE for this soap/sanitizer gift pick

I’m obsessed with this stainless steel hand sanitizer/soap dispenser from simplehuman.

I love that I can fill it with liquid soap OR sanitizer. The sanitizer part is what got me since I think this looks so much nicer on my countertops than a plastic pump bottle! I also love that this is touchless!

Just place your hand under the spout and this smart pump dispenses the right amount. You can even control the amount of product it gives you depending on how close you place your hand to the dispenser. Pretty smart!

Click HERE for more on this AQUIS turban

I don’t know a person out there who LOVES to blow dry their hair. That’s why I really like this hair turban from Aquis.

It’s made from very fine strands of microfiber that absorb excess moisture. But, because the strands are smooth and silky, they don’t rough up the hair. Translation? Less frizz and less blow drying. My daughter is in college and requested this…so if you are stuck on what to get that teenaged gal who has everything, this is a great gift pick!

Gift For The Home

This luminara centerpiece is a lasting gift. Click HERE for details.

I love holiday centerpieces and candle rings. That’s why I was drawn to this set from Luminara. The price is worth the flameless candle alone, as you’ll be able to use it all year round. But when you add the candle ring wtih berries, pinecones and greenery, your home is ready for the holidays. This is a lovely gift to send instead of a fresh arrangement since this can last for years and years.

And because I love Luminara candles so much, I had to share another favorite.

Choose your size of this Luminara candle HERE

This classic pillar candle looks so pretty for the holidays with the greens and berries. These candles always make great gifts for families with little ones, pets, or anyone in an assisted living community where a real flame candle wouldn’t be allowed. It’s a simple gift that offers a lot of enjoyment.

Fun Stocking Stuffers

This brown sugar bear is a unique gift for the cook! Click HERE for details

I get such a kick out of little kitchen gadgets like this brown sugar bear! If you’ve ever needed brown sugar for a recipe, only to find a brick that is as hard as a rock, then you know why I think this little guy is genius!

Simply soak him in water and place in your brown sugar container to keep it soft and moist. This is my favorite kind of stocking stuffer….different, practical and inexpensive!

Click HERE to see more colors

I think the idea of this magnetic, collapsible straw is great for anyone on your list. It folds down and stores in its own case, is easy to clean, and helps reduce the enormous amount of plastic waste that straws contribute to. Also great for lunchboxes when kids head back to school. Practical, but cool.

Happy Gift Giving!

I hope my gift guides have given you some fresh ideas for the people on your gift list! I always enjoy the thrill of the hunt in tracking down new products to share with all of you.

In case you missed it, you can find my cozy gift ideas HERE. And take a look at my YouTube video down below that features a few more gift ideas too.

Bed Bath & Beyond will be continuing to offer curbside pickup up until Christmas Eve, so if you are the “wait until the last minute” shopper, they’ve got you covered!

And now that you have all of your shopping wrapped up…it’s time to start wrapping! Be on the look out for my blog on easy ways to wrap your gifts, coming soon!

From my holiday home to yours,