It used to be lipgloss, my wallet, my keys and my phone. But when COVID became the new sheriff in town, my everyday essentials made a drastic shift.

I have to tell you. Prior to March 2020, I was never THAT person. You know, the one who always carried around hand sanitizer and wiped down every little thing my children touched. Of course, we washed our hands regularly but it wasn’t as immediate as it is now.

But with kids returning to school, workers returning to the office, and the world opening up a bit more for travel, I’ve found a new normal when it comes to things I’m carrying with me regularly to “keep clean.”

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A “NEAT” way to keep your hands clean on the go

Once COVID hit, I started carrying small bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere. And guess what usually happened? I found SPILLED or LEAKED bottles of hand sanitizer in my purse, my backpack, my luggage, my car. UGH.

individual hand sanitizer wipes

That’s why I’ve really taken to individually packaged NEATwipes. They’re small. They’re lightweight. I can take them, stash them, and put them EVERYWHERE… without fear of leaks, spills OR that horrible, overly alcohol smell.

lunch box neat goods

You’ll appreciate how easy these are to put into your child’s lunch bag.

And how happy you are to pull one out of your purse when you’re out to dinner.

new normal essentials charcuterie

Any football and tailgate fans out there? Be sure to put out some NEATwipes for your guests the next time it’s party time!

new normal essentials neat wipes

NEATwipes uses aloe vera and a wonderful blend of essential oils, in addition to alcohol, to hydrate and disinfect your hands. Your hands are left clean with a subtle scent of lavender. And the wipes are 100% biodegradable, so they’re NEAT for the planet too!

The same formula is in the NEATwipes 30 count pouch, which is truly an essential for me when I’m on the go and traveling.

neat wipes

The pouch fits perfectly in my backpack, and whether by train, plane or automobile, I’m always reaching for one to wipe down my seat, tray table and anything else others may have touched.

It’s one small thing I like to do to make myself feel better about traveling.

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By the way, I first discovered NEATGOODS after using their very cool and innovative NEATsheets.

These are pretty practical if you tend to be someone who spills or drips your food a lot. Click HERE to read more about one of the best ways I know to outsmart stains and spills.

At Home Essentials In The New Normal

We’ve all had to make shifts in our routine. And cleaning our homes and our things now includes sanitizing them.

I don’t know about you, but wherever I go, my phone goes too. So, it’s a pretty smart idea to sanitize your phone regularly.

This UV Sanitizer with wireless charging is one of the best units I’ve found.

This sanitizer uses UV light to disinfect your phone, credit cards, remotes, earbuds and keys in 5 minutes. I also like the Qi charging ability so I can just put my phone on top of the unit and charge up.

This is one of the best practical presents I can think of for that hard to buy person on your gift list!

I purchased one of these hand sanitizer/soap pumps because I didn’t love the look of big industrial bottles all around the house.

simplehuman hand sanitizer

These no-touch door openers come in handy too. I like this model because it’s not just for opening doors, but the stylus can be used for touchless contact on the pin pad at the grocery store, elevator buttons, and of course, your devices.

door openers

And if you’re not wanting to make as many coffee runs in the morning as you head back to the office, here’s the perfect way to keep your coffee at the perfect temp from the time you leave the house to the time you arrive at work or school.

ember mug new normal essentials

I’m fascinated by these EMBER coffee mugs and this travel version is one I definitely have my eye on! (BTW, it’s on sale! This is the lowest price I found for you!)

Another great gift for the coffee lover and commuter in your family!

Living In The New Normal

We’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments in the past 18 months. But, as things start to open back up and we’re out and about more, I hope these ideas help you ease your way back into the “real” world.

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From my home to yours,


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