If you love outdoor gardening, chances are you’re a plant person. But who says you should have to go outside to enjoy the greenery?

Instead, bring some of your favorite flowers, grasses, and plants inside by adding some houseplants to your space.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple and small succulent or an indoor tree that doubles as decor, I discovered some tips and tricks that will turn anyone into a gardening guru.

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How to Pick A Houseplant

Just as there are hundreds of ways you can configure your home garden, there are hundreds of plants you can add to your home.

And you can’t just choose your plant based on looks.

Take into consideration the effort it takes to keep the plant alive, the amount of sunlight you have coming into your home, the humidity level in your area, and whether or not you have pets and kids running around.

Types of Plants and How to Care for Them

When you have some of that vital information gathered, you can start browsing for your next addition!

To begin, there are four main types of plants under the “plant kingdom.”

Non-vascular plants (mosses and such), vascular plants (like ferns), gymnosperms (large trees like pines and spruces), and angiosperms (also referred to as flowering plants).

But you can’t just pick any category and expect it to work in your home. So, I did some research and found some popular plants along with some simple care instructions for you to follow.

Snake Plant

Find the snake plant HERE.
  • Water: Low. Soil should dry before watering.
  • Light: Moderate light. Indirect sunlight.
  • Pet-friendly: No.
  • Level of care: Beginner.

This snake plant can easily adapt to nearly every environment. It’s easy to care for, and it purifies your air 24/7!

Aloe Vera

Find the aloe vera plant HERE.
  • Water: Dry. Water sparingly.
  • Light: Brignt. Indirrect.
  • Pet-friendly: Yes.
  • Level of care: Beginner.

You probably know the aloe vera plant because of its soothing and healing attributes. But it also makes for a great house plant! It’s actually a succulent and it prefers dry soil. It also tends to enjoy bright light.

Money Tree

Find the money tree HERE.
  • Water: When water is slightly damp or almost dry at the top.
  • Light: Indirect sunlight. Likes flourescents.
  • Pet-friendly: Yes.
  • Level of care: Beginner to intermediate.

The money tree has long been known as a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and great fortune. But even if you don’t believe the tales, it makes for a beautiful houseplant.

Lucky Bamboo

Find the bamboo HERE.
  • Water: Saturated. Best to water with distilled or bottled water.
  • Light: Moderate amount of indirect sunlight. Partial shade.
  • Pet-friendly: No.
  • Level of care: Beginner

This common bamboo plant is one of the easiest to care for. It can actually survive purely in water, and it can either be purchased with straight or curly stalks.


Find the tulips HERE.
  • Water: Saturate 1-2 times per week.
  • Light: Full sunlight
  • Pet-friendly: No. Toxic to humans if eaten.
  • Level of care: Beginner.

Sometimes, I’m not looking for a long-term houseplant commitment… I’m simply looking for some color in my home!

One of my favorites heading into spring is a batch of tulips.

So, whether you’re new to caring for houseplants or you have a solid green thumb, I wish you the best with your plant journey!

From my home to yours,


Popular Houseplants

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