Planting flowers and greenery in my yard is one of my favorite ways to spruce up my home. It’s also a great way to relax and unwind!

And while you might associate planting a garden with the spring, I do a lot of my gardening in the fall… the ideal time to plant shrubs, trees and perennials!

You could say I’ve done my fair share of gardening over the years—meaning I’ve experimented with all types of greenery and multiple gardening brands.

Although I’ve had some luck caring for plants from my local greenhouse, I continue to go back to a company that delivers incredible quality and outstanding customer service… Roberta’s Gardens.

The Story Behind Roberta’s Gardens

Roberta’s isn’t just any gardening company.

It’s a family-run gardening business that has been successfully helping people spruce up their yards since the 1950s.

The company was started when grandma Sylvia (the grandmother to the current owners) traveled around the world with her son, Ernie.

They looked for unique plants to bring back home—finding Massangeana cane in Central America, bulbs in Holland, and plenty of other treasures from countries around the globe.

When the plants arrived back in the states, people were thrilled to see that these exotic finds were easy to grow. And from there, the company was born.

Where is Roberta’s Now?

In addition to doing business with many of the families who originally sold to grandma Sylvia, Roberta’s Gardens expanded to create two beautiful nurseries in the United States.

Southern Michigan is home to the nursery that houses annuals and edibles. Perennials are raised in a nursery in Indiana.

But the plants grown in these nurseries don’t stay local. Because if you ask me, it would be a crime not to share these amazing flowers and plants with the world!

You may have seen them on QVC as they’ve been a partner with the retailer for over 20 years. But Roberta’s Gardens also ships their annuals, perennials, edibles and more straight to your home. In first class!

And now, you can order Roberta’s through the Just Jill Shop!

We have hydrangeas, lavender, bulbs, butterfly bushes and so much more.

I really wanted to make sure to offer you a variety of plants because everyone’s gardening preferences are different.

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Roberta’s plants offered in the Just Jill Shop come “easy-to-grow” meaning that the plants arrive undamaged and ready to plant.

The result? A beautiful garden for your yard or house in no time.

Help From a Local Greenhouse

To really show you all we have to offer in the shop, I wanted a backdrop that would put you in the gardening mood.

That’s why I turned to a well-known, family-owned garden center in Delaware County, Pennsylvania—Wedgewood Gardens.

Wedgewood Gardens is allowing me to host a Facebook Live from their greenhouse tomorrow at noon… and I hope you’ll join in to see the beauty of their garden center!

I met the brothers that run the center, Matt and Luke Ruch, and I can wholeheartedly say they’re passionate about the quality of their plants.

As a commercial grower, many of the plants they sell come straight from their greenhouses.

And although Matt and Luke took over operations at Wedgewood in 2016, the history of the gardens goes back long before they took over.

Established in 1966, Wedgewood Gardens, which was previously known as Comale’s Greenhouses, came into the possession of Joseph Hoplamazian, Sr.

At the time, it consisted of a garage, a barn, and four greenhouses on a 4-acre property.

Hoplamazian, Sr. started out by selling spring-blooming plants. Over time, his business grew to include other seasonal plants as well. 

As the facilities grew, Wedgewood Gardens developed from a local market into a wholesale company—selling to other florists, landscapers and garden centers. And when the son of Hoplamazin Sr. joined in, Wedgewood Gardens went on to become a flourishing family-owned business.

My husband Doug actually grew up in the area and remembers visiting Wedgewood with his mother when he was a kid!

Why is Now The Best Time to Plant?

If you tune into my Facebook Live tomorrow at noon, I’ll share a little more about plant care and why I love planting in the fall season.

But beforehand, I thought I’d share some info here!

Don’t let the cooler weather throw you for a loop. Now is the best time to plant perennials because the temperatures are easier on plants.

Plus, the ground is still warm enough to allow roots to grow before the soil freezes.

The environment is optimal if you’re looking for happy plants. And when spring rolls around, they’ll show their beautiful blooms and colors to you!

Here are some tips to ensure your Roberta’s perennials grow strong and beautiful:

  • Right when you take your plants out of the box, water them! And make sure you give them enough water so that the soil appears damp and water drips out of the bottom of the pot.
  • Plants looking a little dry? They’ll be okay! Even if they appear wilted and dry, the rootstock is healthy and alive. All you have to do is water them, wait 5 minutes, and water them again. Keep them well-watered until you have time to plant them!
  • Pay attention to your plant’s personal care instructions. Specifically, their water needs and sun needs.
  • When your plants are just babies (the first year or two), they might need some additional maintenance. Water them on a regular basis, about 3-4 times a week, and if you’re experiencing drought-like conditions, you may need to water them every day.

Remember, when you buy perennials, you’re really buying the roots! So it’s essential to provide them with proper care to get them off to a great start.

I can’t reiterate this enough… I’m SO excited to offer Roberta’s plants in the Just Jill Shop.

And I’m thrilled to host a Facebook Live from Wedgewood Gardens, too!

Click HERE to see what we have to offer in the shop, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

From my garden to yours,


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