Whether you keep them in your mudroom, your closet, or near your front door, shoes have a way of getting cluttered pretty quickly.

My shoes? I suppose they look more like a “shoenami” than a tidy collection!

But before my home gets completely flooded with sneakers, slippers, and dress shoes, I’m spending the day sorting through my shoes.

Below, you can find some shoe storage ideas and steps you can take to clean up your own collection.

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Take Inventory

Just like we did with our makeup and our bakeware, taking inventory of your shoes is the first step to getting them organized.

If you have a bunch of shoes, it’s best to move them all out in the open so that they’re all visible.

Begin by finding ones you actually wear and ones that rarely see the light of day.

The shoes that aren’t worn all that often should be stored out of the way or donated.

And when you finally understand how many you’re going to keep, you can get a better idea of how many organizers or storage bins you’ll need.

Fix, Clean, and Toss

After taking inventory, sort your shoes into four piles:

  • Pairs that are in good shape.
  • Shoes that could use some cleaning.
  • Ones that need repairs.
  • Shoes you should probably toss.

Pairs in Good Shape

If your shoes aren’t worn through or too dirty, they’re ready to be stored!

But before you jump into sorting and organizing, separate them into seasons. Because my guess is that you don’t want to wear your snow boots on the beach!

Not in season? Get them out of the way until you’ll use them.

Shoes That Need Cleaning

I’m always out and about so even my favorite pairs of shoes need some cleaning.

For the shoes made with fabric (like polyester or canvas), Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover works wonders.

Megan’s shoes. Look at the difference! Find the remover HERE.

Megan, a member of the Just Jill team, was the person who told me about this stain remover… she actually took this picture herself!

She tells me that all you need to do is spray the shoes with the stain remover, scrub them with a toothbrush, wait 10 minutes, and throw them in the wash.

Find the magic eraser HERE.

But if you have faux leather or patent leather shoes, you can easily remove scuffs or discoloration with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Shoes That Need Repairs

If you own a nicer pair of shoes, sending them to a cobbler or a shoe repair shop might be the more cost-effective route.

You’d be shocked at what they can do. Buff out leather, replace soles, re-stitch the foundation… you name it!

Find the Shoe Goo HERE.

However, if you have a minor repair, this stuff called Shoe Goo works pretty well! Plus, it’s easy to use.

Time to Toss!

Have your shoes reached the point of no return?

Believe me… I hate tossing them too, but if they’re super damaged, they can actually hurt your feet.

If they still have some life in them you can consider donating them. And if the packaging shows that they’re recyclable, throw them in the recycling bin instead of the trash can!

Shoe Storage Ideas

Now that you know what shoes you have on hand, it’s time to find a place for them. Yes… ALL of them!

If You Keep Them By Your Door

In and out throughout the day? Keeping your shoes by your door might be the most practical choice.

Find the shoe shelf HERE.

This two-piece bamboo shoe shelf can sit against a flat wall or in a corner. I also like that it includes bins for outdoor accessories!

Find the shelf and coat rack HERE.

A shelf with a coat rack is also a good idea because it can save some serious space.

Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Closet

If your clothing doesn’t take up your entire closet, it can be a great place to store your shoes.

Find the shoe rack HERE.

One of the best storage solutions is to use a multi-tier shoe rack. It keeps all of your pairs visible and easy to access.

Find the basket HERE.

But if you don’t have much real estate on the floor of your closet, baskets like this one will come in handy!

They’re also great for your socks or accessories like scarves and hats.

Under The Bed Shoe Storage Ideas

If you’re really pressed for space, storing your shoes under your bed is a great place to keep your shoe collection.

It’s also a spot that gets seasonal shoes (like winter boots or pool shoes) out of the way when they’re not in use.

Find the under-bed organizer HERE.

I like this bin because it has wheels on the bottom for easy access. It’s also clear so you can see what’s inside.

Find the zip-up bag HERE.

You can also opt for zip-up bags instead. Either should work fine!

Jill’s Favorite Shoes

Well, that wasn’t too bad… was it? But if you realized your shoe collection is looking a little sparse, you can check out a few of my shoe favs below.

First up, if I’m wearing slippers, I’m ALWAYS wearing Dearfoams!

Find the slipper booties HERE.

They’re so soft and I love that the bottoms are rubber so I can wear the booties in the garage or to get my mail outside.

Find the wedge booties HERE.

But if you’re looking for a pair that’s a little more outdoor-friendly, the Wedge Booties are another great choice.

And here’s a more recent find… and a gift that my husband Doug got me for Christmas!

Find the Allbirds HERE.

I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re called Allbirds and they’re seriously the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn.

Plus, they’re made with wool so they’re warm even in winter!

I know we aren’t even close to summer yet but the Cloudsteppers by Clarks are a great warm-weather choice!

The sole is ergonomic and supportive, and they come in so many cute colors.

Thanks for checking in for this organizing challenge! Hopefully, these shoe storage ideas are simple and easy to follow.

From my home to yours,


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