Nothing makes the season seem more alive than some gardening. And with everything going on in the world, I find that adding a little bit of color and greenery to my life is a huge mood-booster.

I’ve been an avid gardener for a few years now, but I didn’t always have a green thumb. In fact, it took quite some time to learn the ins and outs of keeping my plants and newly-bloomed flowers alive!

But thanks to some practice (and some help from a close friend), I can finally enjoy a flourishing spring garden every year.

A couple of years ago, I got together with a good friend of mine named Phillip Watson. Phillip and I had a neat little series called “Fridays with Phillip” where we would talk about everything from the best tomato recipes to growing hydrangeas.

In one of our segments (probably my favorite), Phillip gave everyone a tour of his home garden. I joined in… but he really provided all of the gardening tips and tricks that were worth listening to.

I mean, he is a landscape designer after all!

At the time, his favorite garden addition was the verbena bonariensis — a beautiful purple flower that looks lightweight and dainty. I have my favorite too… hydrangeas!

He taught me some helpful tips to keep those alive, but he wasn’t always there to hold my hand. So over time, I’ve discovered a few nifty tools to keep my spring garden going strong.

But that’s not the only thing that makes my garden special! I like to add decor and a variety of plants to give the landscape some texture and liveliness. Here are some of my gardening favorites that I’ll be using this year.

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My Go-To Spring Garden Tools

You can try to plant everything with your hands, but I will assure you, working with a great set of gardening tools is a must!

Find the toolset HERE.

This three-piece gardening essentials hand toolset includes a tiller, a trowel and a transplanter. Because each tool is unique, the set can be used for a variety of plants.

Find the flower booster HERE.

So this one isn’t really a tool… but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to give your plants all of the right nutrients.

The Cottage Farms Bud ‘N Flower Booster has always been a favorite. It’s easy to mix up because you just drop one of the packets into a gallon jug of water and you’re good to go!

Find the pruners HERE.

I’ve been using these Martha Stewart pruners for the past few years so I can 100% vouch for them.

They give you a clean cut when you’re trimming or dead-heading your flowers. Both of which are essential for the health of the plant.

Decor and Other Gardening Additions

Your spring decor doesn’t have to stay inside. In fact, some of my favorite decorations sit on my patio!

Find the flower vases HERE.

I love this glass flower vase for arranging beautiful, blooming flowers. I actually have it at home right now and tend to fill it with colors that make my backyard patio POP!

Find the bench HERE.

Everyone needs a place to sit down and enjoy their garden. You don’t want all of that planting work to go to waste!

That’s why I adore this cast iron aluminum bench. It’s has a durable foundation and it comes in a deep bronzed color. Isn’t it just charming?

Find the planters HERE.

If you’re new to container gardening (or just love the chic farmhouse look), then you’ll want to pick up these whiskey barrel planters.

They come in two colors and they’re great for everything from home-grown tomatoes to a patio rose tree!

Find the gnome HERE.

I love adding a little touch of whimsey to my garden. It gives me so much joy!

That’s why I love this antiqued garden gnome. He even comes with a light-up lantern!

My Favorite Plants To Add To My Spring Garden

If you’re in need of some spring garden inspiration, you don’t have to look far. Here are a few flowers you can add to your own patio or backyard.

Find the hydrangea HERE.

This stunning limelight hydrangea is the same one that I’m looking at in the picture above. They’re also from Phillip’s QVC collection!

Find the hibiscus HERE.

And then there’s this hibiscus. It’s also from Phillip’s collection and I can’t get over the striking pink interior! What’s nice is that it’s also drought tolerant — making it a good choice for those dry climates.

Find the gladiolus flowers HERE.

Speaking of bright color, take a look at these gladiolus flowers. They feature beautiful hues of pink, orange, purple, red and yellow. The flowers also look good in groups!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my spring garden must-haves. I can’t wait to get started with all of my planting and I hope you’re thinking about all of the ways to make yours special too!

From my garden to yours,


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