As we transition from summer to fall, it may be time to do so some swapping around your home.

Swapping tank tops for sweaters. Swapping lightweight quilts for down comforters. Or swapping bright and vibrant pillows for living room accents that offer a cozy feeling.

You know the type of swaps I’m talking about!

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To simplify the process, it’s great to have some storage ideas and storage products on hand to ensure everything is packed away properly. And easily accessible the following year!

Read on for my top storage ideas for your home.

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Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen


storage ideas

With all of that fall baking, you may have some leftovers on hand!

I always trust the LocknLock storage containers to keep my food fresh and ready to eat the second time around.

This set includes 10 pieces — different sizes for mains, sides and more!

storage ideas

Although you may not need to “store” away those containers, it’s always a good idea to keep them organized.

My cabinet above could use a swirl-around Tupperware organizer or an expandable lid organizer.

storage ideas

Another good option is these clear storage containers that if you ask me, are pretty aesthetically pleasing.

They’re great for cereal, pantry staples, baking ingredients and more. They also come with labels.

storage ideas

Storing the food in your fridge just became easier with these organizer bins that come in a variety of sizes.

They easily slide out and they’re easy to clean.

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storage ideas

Have a variety of spices that don’t fit in cabinet or drawer space? Make use of the area above your stove!

This is called a stove shelf and can house spices, oils and more.

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storage ideas

I included this storage idea for all of the tea lovers like me!

My tea bags are currently all shoved in a bag in my pantry. But with this tea bag holder, I could easily find what I need and know what I have on hand!

Storage Finds for Your Home


storage ideas

This slim storage cart is great for the kitchen, the laundry room, or anywhere you have a small space that can be put to good use.

It also rolls for easy access.

Mops, brooms, dusters… oh my!

Keep them out of the way with this helpful holder that easily attaches to a wall.

storage ideas

Summer is all about entertaining on the patio. But when the weather cools down, you may move the party inside!

Store all of your cushions in this outdoor storage box and away from the elements.

That way they won’t fade or get saturated with moisture.

storage ideas

And if you’re looking to keep the clutter out of the way inside your home, you can do it with this storage bench.

Not only is it spacious, but it also looks nice — no one will know what you stuffed inside!

storage ideas

I also like this storage ottoman. A great solution for smaller spaces.

Storage Ideas for Your Closet and Bedroom


storage ideas

These collapsable storage boxes are a lifesaver.

Not only do they help me separate my items into categories, but they’re also clear… so I can easily find what I need when they’re packed away!

And when they’re not in use, they collapse down for easy and compact storage.

storage ideas

If you really need to save space, check out these vacuum storage bags which reduce the volume of your items by 80%!

storage ideas

Closet looking cluttered? Save space with this 5-tier pant organizer.

It’s also great for wardrobe pieces that wrinkle or crease easily.

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storage ideas

I don’t know what the floor of your closet looks like… but with my shoe collection, mine could use a little help.

And this back-of-the-door shoe organizer is the perfect way to get those shoes off the ground and in a place that’s visible and easily accessible.

storage ideas

One of the best ways to increase storage space is by keeping organization at the forefront of your mind.

You can fit so much more in your drawers with these handy bamboo drawer dividers!

storage ideas

Great for any kid with lots of blankets and stuffed animals, this bean bag “chair” is one of the niftiest storage ideas I’ve ever seen.

All you do is stuff it with their soft items and it doubles as a decluttering device AND a comfy sitting area!

Whether you’re storing away items for the new season or your home just needs a little tidying, I hope you found these storage ideas helpful!

From my home to yours,


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