When summer rolls around, I love taking advantage of in-season staples like berries and tomatoes. But another summer superstar is corn.

Corn is one of those ingredients that may appear a little dull or bland. But I’m telling you… it’s all in how you use it!

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I love eating good corn on the cob after popping it on the grill for a bit. But I have a few other recipes that ensure corn never takes a backseat in the dish.

Take a look at my favorite summer corn recipes below.

Street Corn Salad with Avocado and Peanuts

If you’re a fan of Elote corn (or Mexican street corn), I can promise you you’ll love this easy-to-make salad.

Find the recipe HERE.

Packed with flavor, this salad is great as a side or a main dish.

The Cotija cheese is on the milder side which goes perfectly with the bold flavors of the jalapeno and onion.

It also includes avocado, corn and peanuts. Yum!!


Summer Corn Salad with Feta and Walnuts

I’ve had this recipe on hand for quite some time, but it’s my first time sharing it with YOU!

Find the recipe HERE.

Whenever I make a salad, I like to make sure it has a variety of textures and flavors. Because believe me… I’ve had one too many boring salads.

This one combines sweet corn, spicy jalapeños, creamy feta and crunchy walnuts.

Now these may not seem like complimentary ingredients, but trust me when I say you need to try it to understand just how delicious it is!


Newport Beach Clam Chowder

I know you’ve heard of clam chowder, and if you like the classic, I hope you’ll enjoy my version… NEWPORT BEACH clam chowder!

Find the recipe HERE.

The inspiration for this recipe came from a childhood friend. We went clamming together and after a long day, used the clams for this delicious chowder!

While the recipe calls for canned corn, I’m telling you that fresh corn works just as well!

And my recommendation is to ALWAYS serve this chowder with bread… it allows you to get every last bit of chowder from the bowl!


Classic Corn Bake

I first enjoyed this dish with my friend, David Venable, when we would often spend Thanksgiving together.

This was David’s grandmother’s recipe and I loved that he shared it with me!

Fast forward to years later when I inheirited my grandmother’s recipe box… she had this recipe too!

It has become a family favorite and is a great side dish that everyone enjoys.


Fresh Corn Cornbread Muffins

Since most of my corn recipes are savory, I wanted to throw in a sweet!

I found this Fresh Corn Cornbread Muffins recipe on Bon Appétit and I’m already drooling just from the photos!

Most of the cornbread (or muffins) I’ve had have a cake-like texture. And although these are still soft and moist, they’re studded with kernels that offer great texture.

One of my favorite things about corn muffins? You can eat them for breakfast, as a side OR as dessert!


Grilled Cheese with Corn and Calabrian Chile

While I was browsing, I also found this recipe for a corn-filled grilled cheese that I thought you might enjoy.

I found it on Food and Wine Magazine and BOY it looks incredible!

Between the melty cheese (it uses both provolone and cheddar!), the crispy sourdough bread and the mild heat of the chile, it sounds like a true winner.

I can’t wait to try it myself and I hope you do too!


Which one of these summer corn recipes stands out to you?

Let me know in the comments and I hope one of these dishes ends up on your table soon!

From my kitchen to yours,


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