I have two of them. No, not feet… not hands… kids!

And although my love for them is out of this world, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that kids can be exhausting…

Now that mine are older, they primarily take care of themselves (no more help from mom needed… or so they say!). But when they were little? Playtime always left me more tired than it did them!

Between tracking down toys and putting them away before dinner, keeping their favorite dolls, stuffed animals, and trinkets in order had me ready for a nap.

But when I finally figured out a way to keep all of Kylie and Trevor’s toys organized, playtime became a whole lot more enjoyable… for all of us!

Toy Organization Tips To Follow

If my story hits close to home, I have a few toy organization tips you can follow to declutter, sort through, and organize your kids’ toys.

Out With The Old!

While this step might be easy for you, it’s often the most difficult for the kiddos. But in order to really get the playroom in good shape, it’s necessary to get rid of the toys that aren’t played with anymore.

Start by reminding your kids that in order to get new toys in the future, they have to part from ones they don’t use anymore.

Some toys might be damaged or unusable. But if they still have some life in them, donating them to a shelter is always an option! This can also help your kids part with their old toys—knowing their favorite things can go to someone in need.

Limit Each Type of Toy

While your child might enjoy trains, keeping around 20 sets of trains might be pushing it…

To keep your kid engaged and interested in their toys, only hold onto a few of each type. For example, let your child keep five dolls, five action figures, five stuffed animals, etc.

If they have too many of one kind of toy, they might get overwhelmed and play with something for only a few minutes.

Keep The Toys Visible

You know kids… if they don’t see something for a while, they’ll forget they even have it! So instead of keeping toys inside solid color bins under a bed or in a closet, make sure they’re visible.

One of the best ways to do this is with clear bins. You can keep lids on them if you’d like to stack the bins. You can also leave them open for easy access.

Find the 6-pack of bins HERE.

I like this set that includes six 17-quart boxes. Great for categorizing toys! You can also opt for bins with handles if you plan on moving them around a lot.

Find the cart HERE.

If you want to make accessing toys super simple, this 3-drawer cart is a great choice. The wheels make it super simple to move as well!

Find the tilted bins HERE.

Another easy way to make sure the kids’ toys are visible is by placing them in tilted bins like these ones. Easy to see and easy to grab during playtime!

Create a Crafting Corner

If your child is more into crafting than playing with toys, a designated craft space will have them grinning from ear to ear!

Start by setting up a basic table—one that can endure a little damage and a few spills. Make sure there is ample room for all of their supplies when they’re in the middle of creating.

Find the rolling cart HERE.

A rolling cart is a great place to put craft supplies like pens, markers, scissors, and more. Michaels sells a nifty cart that features three shelves and lots of space.

Find the craft storage container HERE.

You can also sort them on the table in one of these portable craft storage containers. The handle makes it easy to take on the go or to another room in your home.

Find the wall file holders HERE.

And to keep track of all of their projects, you can sort everything in these helpful wall file holders.

Other Helpful Toy Storage Items and Tips

Like most home organization tasks, there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution! But I did my best to find a few more toy organization tips to help you out.

Unique Storage Items

Find the baskets HERE.

If your living room doubles as a playroom, these baskets may come in handy! They offer a convenient place to store toys and games, plus, they add a decorative touch to your space!

Find the over-the-door hanger HERE.

An over-the-door hanger is another great way to save space while keeping toys organized. Of course, this won’t work for larger items, but the little puches are great for things like paint brushes, small dolls, legos, and more.

Find the ottoman HERE.

You can still keep your toys organized even if you’re working with a small space. And one of the best ways to do so is by investing in utility furniture! This ottoman has ample space for storage—great for toys or other household items like throw blankets and remotes.

Make It Easy To STAY Organized

To really keep your space tidy, both you and your kids might have to put in some work. But while sorting and decluttering might be easy for you, it can be complicated for kids.

Here are some easy ways to stay organized:

  • Label bins by categories.
  • Designate a 10 minute clean-up time after playtime.
  • When putting things away, do it to music!
  • Store toys at an age-appropriate height so they’re easy to put away.
  • Store like items together.
  • Make sure everyghing has a place.

Rotate Your Toys

Just like you rotate your home decor, you can also rotate your children’s toys! Trust me… it’s better for your budget AND your sanity!

You’ll want to divide your household toys into group and allow your kids to only play with one group of toys at a time. It’s less overwhelming for them and there is less clean up (for everyone!).

Less toys also means that each item gets special attention.

Find the under-bed bin HERE.

When you aren’t using a batch of toys, you can store them in an out-of-sight area like under the bed. I love these under-bed storage bins and I feel like they’d work perfectly for toys!

I could go on for a while… but I’ll let you start with these toy organization tips. Let me know if you find them helpful. And if you have some more to add, keep me in the loop!

From my home to yours,


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