Some men might get a little squeamish around the “lovey-doveyness” of Valentine’s Day. But if you ask me, they love the holiday just as much as anyone else! So if the man in your life could use a little love, a Valentine’s Day gift may be just what he needs. 

We’re still about a month away from the 14th, but the day will be here before you know it. So, I took a peek around the web to find some gifts you can give to the man in your life. 

Whether it’s for your husband, your best friend, your son, or your grandson, he’ll love opening these heartfelt gifts on the 14th. 

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Gifts for The Foodie Fellow

Find the collection HERE.

If he’s one to always order the burger when he goes to a restaurant, he’ll love the Ultimate Burger and Dog Collection from Happy to Meat You.

It includes 8 pounds of prime beef steakburgers and 8 gourmet beef hot dogs. Enough to feed a crew!

Find the salmon and steak dinner HERE.

Another delicious Happy to Meat You item is the “Surf and Turf” Dinner. It includes dessert—making this great for a date night at home!

Find the cookie mixes HERE.

Say he’s someone with more of a sweet tooth. We have him covered too!

He’ll go crazy for the gourmet cookies from Southern Roots Sisters. This pack includes for cookie varieties including chocolate chip, oatmeal, white snickerdoodle and salted carame.

Find Prantl’s bars HERE.

And for a treat you don’t have to bake, opt for Prantl’s Toasted Almond Torte Bars. Although I will warn you… it’s hard to have one slice. My husband Doug can’t get enough!

For The Man Who Loves to Cook

Is he the grillmaster? Or maybe the guy who’s always cooking up something new in the kitchen? These gifts are perfect for all of his cooking needs.

Find the pan stirrer HERE.

If he’s the type of chef who does lots of things at once in the kitchen, this automatic pan stirrer will help him balance all of his tasks.

Just place it in a pan filled with soup or sauce, click the button on the top, and let it do its work.

Find the hot sauce kit HERE.

Let him get crafty with his cooking by gifting him this make-your-own hot sauce kit. With six bottles and all of the ingredients he’ll need, he’ll be on his way to a spicy dinner in no time.

Find the meat thermometer HERE.

Meat thermometers help you nail that perfect piece of chicken, pork, or steak every time.

And with this Yummly Smart Thermometer? He’s going to feel like a total pro in the kitchen.

Relaxing Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Whether he’s a hard worker or he simply deserves some pampering, these gifts will help him relax and unwind. 

Find the beard set HERE.

Does your man have a beard? Does he really take care of it the way he should? If not, check out the Big Bourbon Beard Set from Duke Cannon.

It includes everything he’ll need for a well-maintained beard — beard balm, beard oil, and beard wash.

Find the skincare kit HERE.

When I asked my husband about men’s skincare, he said he knows a surprising amount of guys who want to give their skin a little more love.

And with this deep cleaning skincare kit (featuring a neat automatic brush), he can clean off all of that dirt and grime from a long day outside.

Find the wine preservers HERE.

Not all men are beer men. For the guy who likes wine, these Silvadore Wine Preservers are such a neat gift. My husband uses it on his bottles and he says that the wine tastes great even after two weeks.

Find the slippers HERE.

Really help him unwind with something super relaxing… slippers!

These Koolaburra by UGG slippers are lined with super soft faux fur and stay warm thanks to the suede lining. Great for lounging around the house!

Gifts for The Tech Guy

You know the man I’m talking about… the early adopter, the one who always has the coolest gadgets or the guy who’s the fix-it man of the household. 

I’m sure these tech gifts will fill his electronics dreams.

airpods apple
Find the AirPods HERE.

If he doesn’t already have a pair, the Apple AirPods are a gift you can’t go wrong with. They can easily connect to his phone and they’ll allow him to listen to all of his favorite jams with ease.

Find the mug HERE.

Have a coffee drinker on your hands? The Ember Mug is just what he needs! It looks like a normal mug… but it’s actually a smart mug that will keep his cup of Joe warm for up to 90 minutes.

Find the tile HERE.

The Tile is the same shape and size as a credit card, however, it isn’t designed to be swiped. Instead, it can be placed in a wallet, in a bag, on a laptop, and more to help him keep track of what’s most important to him.

Just have him sync it with his phone and he’ll always know where the tile is located!

Meaningful Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Men love meaningful gifts too. Well, at least I can say that about my husband, Doug! And if your husband (or son, grandson, or friend) is the same, you’ll have to take a look at the gifts below. 

Find the bracelet HERE.

Most of our PowerBeads bracelets are designed with women in mind. But this unisex lapis bracelet unisex tiger’s eye bracelet is for anyone who wants to embody balance in their life.

Find the pint glasses HERE.

Even if his team didn’t make it to the World Series, he’s sure to love these pint glasses that feature baseball stadiums from across the country.

They’re fun and lighthearted, but it also shows you care about his interests!

Find the card game HERE.

This fun card game is crafted specifically for couples… which is why it’s called The Couple’s Bucket List!

The stack includes 100 cards with clever ways to help you two create memories with one another. Whether that’s “becoming a regular somewhere” or “recreating your favorite date together.”

Find the frame HERE.

A smart picture frame like this one by Dragon Touch is a great addition to any household—from grandpa’s living room to your son’s college apartment.

It can hold up to 40,000 photos and you can instantly share new pictures via email.

Gifts for The Travel Guru

Whether it’s a business trip or he’s just an avid traveler, I hope my picks will help him be more comfortable on his next adventure.

Find the travel pillow HERE.

You’ve seen a travel pillow, but have you seen THIS type of travel pillow? It’s called the Ostrichpillow and it’s a great companion for those long flights.

Find the travel kit HERE.

It’s a bit of a splurge, but this genuine Italian leather travel kit is great for holding everything from his razor blades to his hairbrush.

So… are you feeling more prepped for the 14th with these Valentine’s Gifts for Him? Let me know how it’s going!

From my home to yours,


Valentine’s Gifts for Him. Valentine’s Gifts for Him.

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