March is Women’s History Month and I want to draw attention to some of the incredible women behind the brands we have in the Just Jill Shop.

Before opening my little business, I had no idea what it would take and what highs and lows I would face. It’s humbling. And it’s provided me with a whole new perspective on what these amazing women have endured as well.

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Each and every person I talk about in this blog is brave, driven and extraordinarily passionate. And whether I’ve known them for years or we’re recent partners, I’m confident that each of them will have an impact on my life in one way or another from here on out.

I could write a few pages about all of these women. But for now, I’ll leave you with a bit of information about each of them and their brands below.

Oh… and let’s give them all a big “THANK YOU!” for bringing such amazing products to the Just Jill Shop!

Our Female Foodies

Adam’s Apple Co.

Theresa Adams was the daughter of a career Navy father and a music teacher mother.

When she was 5 years old, her family moved to Illinois to be closer to her grandparents.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

This is where a tradition of gifting apple butter started. And years later, this gift-giving tradition turned into something shared with friends and eventually, the start of a home-grown business.

This apple butter is truly delicious. But it doesn’t stop at apple butter! You can find a variety of gift sets from Adams Apple Co. in the Just Jill Shop.

Miss Ginny’s English Toffee

Miss Ginny started creating toffee over 25 years ago for her family and friends.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

When they initially recommended she consider she turn this hobby into a business, she was a stay-at-home mom of two—a business seemed impossible!

But as her children grew older, she finally took the first steps to pursue this venture.

Today, she creates delicious homemade toffee for holiday craft events, church bazaars and for us… the Just Jill Crew!

Southern Roots Sisters

You’ve seen Rachel Scott a few times on my Facebook Lives. I always enjoy her company and I hope you do too!

Rachel Scott

I met Rachel at a trade show and I was so glad I discovered her little company. She was born into a family of farmers and ranchers in Texas and remembers picking peaches and apples at local orchards.

She would whip up batches of jam with her family when she was younger, and when she got old enough, adopted the hobby as her own.

The rest is history! And now, you can discover her flavorful jams, cookie mixes, marshmallows and toffee in the Just Jill Shop.


Sweeteez Sweets

Bron out of Pheonix, AZ, Sweeteez Sweets are some of the tastiest and most scrumptious treats I’ve ever had.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Brooke and Chelsea (the Gourmet Girl Sisters) came together with their friends Debbie and Court to open Sweeteez.

And while they started with a food truck, they expanded their business to include a brick-and-mortar store and an online store!

I’m grateful to have partnered with these women to bring their incredible treats to the Just Jill Shop!


COVID shut down Jenna and Warren’s favorite bagel shop.

And instead of living without the deliciously fresh bagels, they started Bagelista Bake-At-Home Bagels.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

They were determined to make these bagels exactly as they remembered them from their go-to bagel shop. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Now, you can find them in a variety of places including the Just Jill Shop!

The “Her” Behind Our Home Decor

Kirks Folly

Plenty of you know Jenniefer Kirk from Kirks Folley. Which is why I was even more thrilled to partner with her!

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Her story began in 1979 at her own kitchen table. Helen Kirk, Jenniefer’s sister sparked the idea and Jenniefer latched on to the idea. Kirks Folly was born!

She strives to create ornate pieces that add a little magic whimsy to everyday life. You can find over 40 of her home decor and jewelry pieces in the Just Jill Shop!

Grit and Grace Studio

When we added Grit and Grace Studio to the Just Jill Shop, it was quite the treat.

I’d never seen anything like these stunning decoupage oyster dishes!

Women of The Just Jill Shop

The company was started in Charleston, SC, by a woman named Rachel who leads the company with compassion, energy, vision, empathy and strength.

She started the company to honor her mother’s legacy and continues to take pride in her woman-owned business.

Rachel is such a hardworking woman and I’m honored to have her products in the Just Jill Shop.

Jewelry-Loving Female Founders

Claudia Agudelo

Claudia is a Columbian-born entrepreneur and jewelry designer that started creating jewelry in 1989.

She designs her pieces with inspiration from her Latin heritage, and today, she’s a well-known artist known all over the world.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Claudia is committed to giving back to the community and supporting women around the globe. In other words, she’s a beautiful person both inside and out.

You can find her stunning pieces in the shop — from chandelier earrings to gemstone bracelets.

Marlyn Schiff

Maryln worked for a variety of major fashion houses in New York City before starting her own business.

But when she decided to pursue her interest in designing jewelry, she dove in headfirst and founded Marlyn Schiff LLC in 1989.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Her pieces are beyond trendy yet incredibly timeless.

Her jewelry is available in more than 700 national and international boutiques, and I’m grateful to bring her pieces to YOU through the Just Jill Shop!

Marlyn may stand out because of her designs. But where she truly shines is through her community outreach — committing herself to numerous charitable organizations including, Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance and more.

My Saint My Hero

The My Saint My Hero mission is to create “Wearable Blessings” that empower global communities.

Founded by Amy, D’Ambra, she strives to change the world through love.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

The brand was created in 2006 with only 12 pieces. Now, the collection includes hundreds of items that inspire and bring people together.

Her pieces are also extremely popular in the Just Jill Shop. Not only do we have bracelets, but we also have necklaces, earrings and door hangers!

PowerBeads by Jen

Oh, how you love our collection of PowerBeads bracelets! And it’s all thanks to Jen herself that we’re able to bring you all of these pieces.

Jen Tuerff and I met at the baseball field. Our kids have played sports together in the same area over the years!

Women of The Just Jill Shop

As a woman with a passion for art, she focused on arts and journalism in school.

But “jewelry designer” wasn’t on her radar until she had a severe cycling accident that sparked the idea behind her meaningful brand.

After a friend gave her a Blessed Mary metal to help her through recovery, she knew she wanted to create pieces that could help people through their own rough patches and journeys.

Today, she’s built a beautiful company and in the Just Jill Shop, we carry over 40 of her bracelets!


Women in Beauty

Dr. Denese Skincare

Dr. Adrienne Denese is truly an incredible woman.

From her humble start in Hungary to her successful launch of a skincare brand based on lengthy research and testing, she’s made some serious strides in the wellness space.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

With a Ph. D. in Neuroscience at Eotvos Lorad University in Hungary, a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania in Neuroanatomy, and a medical degree at Cornell, she worked tirelessly to change the world of anti-aging skincare.

Today, she has longtime supporters from all around the world. And I’m one of them!

If you haven’t tried her products, we have a variety of items for you to check out in the Just Jill Shop.


kc Essentials

Home-grown in Chester County, PA (my backyard!), kc Essentials founder Katie Centrella makes products that are natural and safe for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Katie created her brand because her infant son suffered from severe eczema and couldn’t use anything they found on the shelves.

Now, she creates a family of products that allow people like her son to live more comfortably.

A few of her bundles are offered in the Just Jill Shop!

Musee Bath

This Mississippi-based company makes handcrafted, natural bath products that have become one of my favorite ways to pamper myself at home.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Leisha Pickering, the CEO and founder of Musee Bath, strives to give back through each and every one of her products by hiring women in recovery, people with disabilities and individuals who have lived in chronic poverty.

Supporting her means you’re supporting so many other people. I hope you’ll take a look at what she has to offer in the Just Jill Shop!

Mad Gabs

I met Gab (Gabrielle Melchionda) in 1977 when she was just in the early years of making her popular beeswax lip balms.

I could immediately sense her drive, passion and utter kindness.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Today, nearly 25 years later, she’s still just as passionate as the moment I met her. But now, her business has grown into a brand that’s recognized and loved by many!

I adore her products (like her ultra-soft Moose Smooch) and I’m grateful to be able to offer them to you in the shop!

PEAK 10 Skin

Connie Elder truly has a special gift in helping people and she also does that through her PEAK 10 products.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

She’s had quite the career — covering the medical, fashion and skincare industries — that allowed her to see the multiple ways someone’s lifestyle can e enhanced.

And that’s when she learned that people search for products that can enrich their natural beauty.

Connie founded PEAK 10 to create products that would do just this. Now, she has sunscreen, foot cream, hand lotion, serums and more that you can find in the Just Jill Shop!

Girl Crush Beauty

Candace Abel started making her own soaps while on a mission to find healthier products for her youngest son who had a critical blood disorder.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

Today, she creates a variety of soaps and bath products that are made with organic, responsibly-sourced oils and ingredients from local suppliers.

What’s better? Candace gives back by using profits to educate, mentor and employ at-risk young mothers in a program called “Second Grace.”

You can support this cause by shopping her products!

The Women Behind Our Accessories


I carry my WanderFull HydroBag every day. And I thank founders Lisa Watkins and Katie Hill for giving me my go-to accessory.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

These women are active moms to three children each. Katie dreamed of a bag that would help her stay hydrated without sacrificing style. And that’s when WanderFull was born!

You can find HydroBags, totes, belt bags and hobo bags in the shop.

Finders Key Purse

Innovator Sandy Stein is the reason Finders Key Purse is around today.

She said her father came to her in a dream with the design and told her to get out and sell it!

Women of The Just Jill Shop

She eventually launched Finders Key Purse in 2004 and to this day, prioritizes her customers and their experience. She prides herself in being a woman-owned business and says she’s ready to help customers in any way she can!

We have a variety of Finders Key Purse sets in the Just Jill Shop. You can browse my favorites, the animal-themed ones, inspirational finders and finders with pops of color!

Austin Molnar

Hollis Molnar is the woman behind this nifty and innovative cosmetics and accessory brand.

She has a passion for beauty and fashion, and she’s created everything from lip gloss to totes.

Women of The Just Jill Shop

We carry her light-up bags in the Just Jill Shop. Great for travelers or any woman who struggles to find her essentials in her purse!

Thanks for reading about all of these incredible women of The Just Jill Shop and the businesses they’ve built!

If you’d like to check out what they have to offer in the shop, click on the bold titles throughout this blog or head to!



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