When I’m home, I spend most of my time in my kitchen.

Between prepping snacks for baseball games, making meals for my family and shooting baking videos for Just Jill, it isn’t always easy to take a break!

Don’t get me wrong… I love cooking and baking. But without the right tools, it can be time-consuming.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a few must-have kitchen gadgets that make my life so much easier.

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Check out some of my favorites below!

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For Veggies and More

Prepping vegetables for a home-cooked meal? Here are some helpful tools to keep in your kitchen.

corn stripper kitchen gadgets
Find the cob stripper HERE.

If your recipe requires corn but you want that fresh-off-the-cob taste, this corn-on-the-cob-stripper will make it easy to add to your next meal.

avocado tool kitchen gadgets
Find the avocado slicer HERE.

Avocado is a healthy fat that can make any meal hearty and filling.

This easy-to-use avocado slicer removes the pit, peels the skin, and cuts the avocado into perfectly even slices.

Find the spiralizer HERE.

For a low-carb twist on your go-to pasta dish, you can incorporate some vegetables!

This vegetable spiralizer makes it easy to swap regular noodles for veggie noodles with the simple turn of a handle.

Find the herb scissors HERE.

Say goodbye to slicing herbs with a giant knife.

Use these simple multi-blade herb scissors instead.

chopper kitchen gadgets
Find the chopper HERE.

There’s also this double-bladed herb chopper if you’re looking for something that looks more like a classic knife.

Find the pitter HERE.

Pitting is always more complicated than I think it will be… Luckily, this cherry and olive pitter makes it super easy.

It’s also dishwasher safe for easy clean-up!

butter boy
Find the Butter Boy HERE.

I never thought I’d be so in love with a basic kitchen gadget… but here we are!

I adore my Butter Boy because it makes buttering corn super super simple. Plus, how cute is he?

The Best Baking Gadgets

I started baking in my early teen years and haven’t stopped since! Here are a few kitchen gadgets that will turn you into the best baker in town.

waffle pancake batter mixer
Find the mixer HERE.

Long gone are the days of mixing runny pancake batter in a measuring cup.

This Wiskware mixer includes a little metal ball to ensure everything is perfectly blended. And it also has an easy-pour top to eliminate messiness.

Find the waffle maker HERE.

If you’re looking for a way to use that batter, you can pour it into this mini waffle maker.

If you ask me, the small size makes breakfast time more fun!

rolling pin kitchen gadgets
Find the rolling pin HERE.

This nifty adjustable rolling pin will help you roll your dough to the exact thickness you need for your next pie, crust or plate of sugar cookies.

whisk cleaner kitchen gadgets
Find the whisk wiper HERE.

If you don’t have kiddos around to lick the whisks, they can be complicated to clean.

With this whisk wiper, all of the batter comes off in seconds.

Cooking Gadgets and Tools

Whether you’re grilling, baking something in the oven or pan-frying your favorite food, these kitchen gadgets will make the job easier.

thermometer kitchen gadgets
Find the meat thermometer HERE

No matter what, you should always have a meat thermometer in your kitchen.

Even if you’re a seasoned chef, estimating isn’t always easy!

dash egg cooker
Find the egg cooker HERE.

Calling all hard-boiled egg fans! This Dash egg cooker makes six eggs in just minutes.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also make soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or scrambled eggs, too!

pan strainer
Find the pan strainer HERE.

Colanders can take up a lot of space in the kitchen which is why I love this convenient clip-on pan strainer instead.

It’s super compact, easy to store, and doesn’t budge when you’re straining.

bear paws
Find the shredder claws HERE.

Get the perfect shredded meat every time with these Bear Paws Shredder Claws.

They’re melt-proof, dishwasher safe and a huge time saver!

Kitchen Gadgets For Your Drinks

Cracking open a bottle or enjoying your morning brew? Don’t do it without these nifty finds.

milk frother kitchen gadgets
Find the frother HERE.

This whisk and milk frother will bring the cafe to your kitchen by turning milk into a frothy topping for your morning coffee.

wine opener kitchen gadgets

But if you’re more of a night owl, you can pour yourself a glass after using this automatic wine opener from Brookstone.

It conveniently opens wine bottles with the click of a button.

And when your bottle is open, don’t forget to use the Silvadore Wine Preserver from the Just Jill Shop to keep your wine fresh!

Cleaning Gadgets for Your Kitchen

I can’t stand it when my kitchen gets dirty… but it happens! Luckily, these affordable cleaning finds will make it sparkle.

angry mama
Find the Angry Mama HERE.

Similar to the Butter Boy above, this fun little character is bound to make your life easier. It’s called the Angry Mama microwave cleaner.

All you have to do is add water and vinegar to the top and set your microwave for 5-8 minutes. Then, you can wipe it clean with no hassle!

brush kitchen gadgets
Find the brush HERE.

Instead of opening your dish soap bottle every time you have to clean your plates, you can use this convenient soap dispensing dish brush instead.

Find the sponges HERE.

But if your pots and pans need a little extra scrubbing, be sure to reach for the Dish Daddy.

I’ve been using the Scrub Daddy for years. And this is the same thing but with a wand! I like that this set comes with replacement sponges.

I hope these kitchen gadgets make your cooking, baking, and cleaning experience a little easier. A few of them have made a huge difference in my own home!

From my kitchen to yours,


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