The beach is my happy place.

It’s the place where I can unwind, put down my phone and just take everything in.

By now, I have a whole beach routine so that my relaxation time is just that… relaxing!

And the easiest way to ensure that getting there and staying there is nothing but smooth sailing, I pack my handy beach bag full of essentials for a day in the sun.

Want to see what I keep inside my bag? Check out my beach bag essentials below!

My Go-To Beach Bag Essentials

You don’t have to be a beach-goer to keep these things on you this summer. They’re helpful whether you’re lounging by the pool or picnicing in the park!

But if you want to fill your bag, you first have to have a bag to FILL!

Find the Scout bag HERE.

The bag I always bring to the beach is my Scout Weekender Bag.

It’s water-resistant and easy to clean—essentals when using a bag outdoors. But unlike some all-weather bags, this one is super soft!

I love the zipper top to keep all my things safe, and it even has a pocket on the inside for things like sunscreen and my keys.

Sunscreen, you ask? Well, of course!

My favorite sunscreen to bring to the beach is my Mad Gabs Sun Stick. With SPF 30 protection, it keeps my skin safe in the sun and I like that it doesn’t leave a white cast.

FInd the powder sunscreen HERE.

But if you still don’t like the feeling of anything on your face, you should check out the Supergoop! Mineral Powder Sunscreen.

Instead of protecting with a lotion-like formula, this broad-spectrum “sunscreen” goes on in powder form.

So lightweight and so easy to apply!

Don’t forget the lips! Our Just Jill Lip Balm has SPF 15 protection and it tastes AMAZING!

Vanilla mint is one of my favorite flavors. So of course I wanted it in a lip balm too!

Find the denim open hat HERE.

To stay extra protected, you’ll need a hat! I usually wear a baseball cap (my collection after years of attending games is out of this world).

But if you’re looking for something a little beachier, this Maxwell Denim Open Crown Hat will do the trick.

And you know me… I’m a denim girl which is why I love the denim wraparound detail!

Find the classic straw hat HERE.

This Classic Straw Sun Hat is another sun-lover’s accessory that you can wear all summer.

It features a more traditional silhouette and I can see wearing it with jeans, a lightweight dress, and everything in between.

Find the beach towel HERE.

If you don’t have one of these Vera Bradley Beach Towels, I’ll be the one to tell you they’re AMAZING.

Seriously, the quality is fantastic and I love that they cover a good amount of surface area. Plus, they come in some super cute patterns!

Find the Hydro Flask HERE.

The best way to stay hydrated throughout the day is by carrying a water bottle.

And if you have one of these Hydro Flasks, your water will stay cold for up to 24 hours!

And then there are sunglasses, of course! How could you head to the beach without your favorite pair?

Mine are prescription glasses so I can’t recommend the ones I wear, but I typically go for a classic tortoiseshell look.

Find the sunglasses HERE.

These Life is Good Polarized Sunglasses have a trendy-shaped rim and they even come with a case and cloth.

Find the glasses HERE.

The Le Specs Tortoiseshell Glasses also caught my eye! A timeless shape for under $50? I’ll take a couple of pairs!

Do you keep any of these beach bag essentials on hand? If not, now is your chance!

I hope you find my recommendations helpful. And if you have any other essentials I should keep on hand, let me know!

From my bag to yours,


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