I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who doesn’t like chocolate.

I’m sure there are some people out there who don’t enjoy it… but I’ve never met them!

Me? Oh, you know I love chocolate because I have an abundance of chocolate recipes on my blog. I’m talking pie, cookies, cake and more.

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If you ask me, you can never have too many chocolate recipes on hand!

Whether you’re looking for some recipes for dessert exchanges, potlucks or just for snacking around the house, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a big recipe roundup of chocolate recipes I think you’ll enjoy. Let me know which one you plan on making!

German Chocolate Caramel Cake

If you’re on the hunt for an ooey-gooey, rich dessert, you’ll find it in this German chocolate caramel cake.

Find the recipe HERE.

Its gooey caramel center makes it feel decadent. Oh, and it’s loaded with chocolate chips which is always an added plus.

I like to eat it like a brownie. But my mom? She enjoys topping it with a scoop of ice cream.

Easy Chocolate-Lovers Pie

This pie (time and time again) receives rave reviews from all of you!

Find the recipe HERE.

Maybe because it’s unique. Or maybe because it’s one of those desserts you can make last-minute without sacrificing flavor or quality.

All I’ll say is that to enjoy this pie, you MUST enjoy chocolate. A lot.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

Speaking of pie… have you tried my pumpkin cheesecake pie?

The layers of pumpkin and cream cheese are more prominent, but the ribbon of chocolate is what truly makes it special.

Find the recipe HERE.

This is my go-to recipe when I’m looking for something a little over the top. Or, when I’m going to a party and want to make sure I’m bringing something no one else will bring.

You get the spice kick from the pumpkin. But you also get the creaminess of the cream cheese.

The chocolate? Just a little something extra that makes this pie truly stand out 🙂

Easy No-Bake Chocolate Lasagna

If you like creamy and rich layers of chocolatey goodness, this chocolate lasagna is for you.

Find the dessert lasagna HERE.

It starts with a layer of buttery-crumbled Oreo cookies. And if that’s the base, you know this dessert will be good.

The Oreos are then topped with a cream cheese layer, a pudding layer, a Cool Whip layer, and finally, a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

Fudgy Chocolate Sheet Cake

Quick and easy, this fudgy chocolate sheet cake (aka my Texas sheet cake) is the perfect dessert to make if you’re feeding a crowd.

Find the recipe HERE.

It’s not overwhelmingly chocolatey… just the right amount.

But don’t think that because it’s not super super rich that it’sn not flavorful. You’ll definitely taste that chocolate flavor thanks to the fudgy frosting!

Chocolate Cream Cheese Ribbon Cake

I have to admit… I haven’t made this chocolate cream cheese ribbon cake in a while. But when I do, it gets devoured!

Find the recipe HERE.

It was actually one of the first cakes I made when I was learning to bake with my mom.

So, you know it’s pretty simple to make!

And let me tell you. That cheesecake ribbon throughout takes this everyday chocolate cake to another level!

One of the first desserts that pops into my mind when I think of chocolate is brownies.

They’re a classic, well-loved by almost everyone, and foolproof!

Although I’ve been making these brownies for years, it’s one of my newer dessert additions to justjill.com. I’m not sure why I waited so long!

Other Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

If you’re tight on time or need a little break from the kitchen, we have a bunch of chocolate treats in the Just Jill Shop!

Find Scamps HERE.

Whether you’re a white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate person, you’re sure to find a Scamps toffee item you love!

These handcrafted toffees are made in small batches to ensure impeccable quality and flavor. But I’m warning you… they’re addicting!

Find the bars HERE.

If chocolate is a must-have but you’re trying to be a bit more health-conscious, the Macalat Sweet Dark Chocolate Bars are a great option.

They’re sugar-free, gluten-free, zero-net carb, nut-free, dairy-free and certified organic.

Find Sweetez HERE.

The brownies in this brownie and rice crispy assortment from Sweetez will make all of your chocolate dreams come true.

They’re also HUGE. By that, I mean that you can cut a single brownie into four and still have a good chunk of brownie in your hand!

Do you have a favorite chocolate recipe? I’d love to hear your favs…

But if you’re still searching for one to call your “go-to,” I hope you’ll try one of mine!

From my kitchen to yours,


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