Easter is just a week away. And if you’re still figuring out what to serve next Sunday, I have some Easter food ideas to help you out.

While I’ll be making a couple of things like my pineapple bake and my cheesy bacon broccoli quiche, I’ll also be serving up a few food items from the Just Jill Shop.

Want to see what we have to offer? Here are some treats, main courses and more to make your Easter meal super simple and delicious.

Oh… and a bunch of items are on sale, too!

Main Courses for Your Meal

I’m so excited to offer you such tasty goods at the shop… and these mains are sure to fill the bellies of everyone at the table!

Find the lamb HERE.

This Happy to Meat You Rack of Lamb is brand new to the shop.

It includes 8 ribs (2 pounds) and can serve about 2-3 people. But you can also set these out as an appetizer!

Find the ham HERE.

If your family serves a traditional ham for Easter, I hope you’ll check out our Ham from Berkwood Farms.

Already cooked and sliced, all you have to do is heat it before serving! The ham can feed about 8-12 people and it is slow-smoked over applewood chips to enhance flavor.

Berkwood Farms raises their animals in the USA under humane operations in open space. They don’t use antibiotics, hormones, growth agents or by-products, and each cut of meat is 100% traceable back to the farmer.

Find the roast HERE.

Scott from Happy to Meat You was kind enough to put together an offering called “Jill’s Birthday Dinner” Roast. But don’t let the name fool you… this birthday bundle is great for any occasion!

It includes a center-cut tenderloin that’s delicate, buttery and carefully hand-trimmed. The bundle also comes with an 8-pack of macarons. Yum!

Brunch Ideas for Easter

Some people have Easter dinner and others have Easter brunch. And if you want both, you’re in for a whole day of deliciousness!

Find the bundle HERE.

Last week, we introduced Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit to the Just Jill Shop.

Callie’s biscuits are made by hand using fine ingredients and no machinery… like they come straight from a small Southern bakery!

This “Hot Little Combo” Bundle includes 1 pack (6 biscuits) of cheese and chive biscuits, 1 pack of buttermilk biscuits, 1 pack of cinnamon biscuits, 1 pack of sharp cheddar biscuits and 1 pack of iced blueberry biscuits.

DEAL ALERT: These biscuits are on sale through 11:59 pm ET on 4/12. Ordering by this date should ensure you get them by Easter!

Find the sausage sampler HERE.

You’ll receive cheddar smoked sausage, classic smoked sausage and bourbon smoked sausage in this Sausage Sampler from Corky’s.

That’s 3 pounds of meat that can be incorporated into other dishes or eaten alone as a side!

Find the coffee cakes HERE.

And if you haven’t tried My Grandma’s of New England Coffee Cakes, I can promise you that each bite will have you smiling from ear to ear.

In addition to the classic cinnamon coffee cake, we offer cinnamon walnut coffee cake, pineapple coconut coffee cake, chocolate chip coffee cake and a tasty coffee cake bundle at the Just Jill Shop!

Delicious Easter Desserts

I’ve rarely met a dessert I don’t like. But these desserts? They’re out of this world.

Find the almond torte HERE.

Named “The Best Cake in America” by the Huffington Post, The Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte is now one of my FAVORITE desserts.

It features a light cake, creamy vanilla buttercream and almonds. But not just any almonds. Small-batch sugared and toasted almonds that are nothing short of enjoyable.

There’s also a chocolate version for my chocolate lovers!

DEAL ALERT: This Torte is on sale for a limited time. If you want it by Easter, order by midnight on Tuesday 4/12.

Find the junior pastries HERE.

For those that want a little bit of everything, the Assorted Junior Pastries by Prantl’s are for you!

The 9-pack includes petite made from scratch desserts in flavors like toasted almond, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate sour cream and red velvet.

DEAL ALERT: These junior pastries are on sale for a limited time! If you want them by Easter, order by midnight on 4/12.

Find the thumbprint cookies HERE.

A classic thumbprint cookie features a sugar cookie with a jam-filled center.

But Prantl’s Mile-High Thumbprint Cookies are way different (in a good way!). These cookies are made with a shortbread base and topped with a mountain of homemade buttercream frosting.

You’ll receive 2 Jimmie thumbprint cookies with fudge icing, 3 Jimmie thumbprint cookies with buttercream icing, 2 nut thumbprint cookies with fudge icing and 2 nut thumbprint cookies with buttercream icing.

DEAL ALERT: They’re on sale through 4/12! Order the cookies by this date to ensure arrival by Easter.

Find the pies HERE.

In search of a rich and flavorful dessert? Serve up Corky’s Pecan and Southern Fudge Pies!

You’ll get 2 southern pecan pies and 1 chocolate fudge pie in this pie pack. Each one serves 8-12 people and if you ask me, they’re best served warm!

Find the caramels HERE.

If you want to make their Easter cheer last, send your guests home with an Easter Gift Box from Hope’s Caramels.

These caramels are so good, I can’t stop at just one!

Other Ways to Make Your Meal Inviting

I’m sure the food will be enough to make your home inviting, but if you want to add some welcoming touches, we have a few Just Jill Shop items to help!

Find the Home Candle Duo HERE.

Whenever I invite someone into my home, I almost always have a candle burning.

And now, I’m thrilled to offer our signature Home Candle Duo in the shop! This bundle includes 2 10-ounce candles that have sugary notes and a touch of tropical citrus.

It’s also super fresh which is perfect for spring!

Find The Spring Pop HERE.

If you’re searching for some decor or a pop of color to add to your table, The Spring Pop by LuxeBloom is the perfect touch.

These roses are REAL ROSES but they will stay looking beautiful for up to a year. No watering required!

DEAL ALERT: Head over to luxebloom.com and enter promo code JUSTJILL15 at checkout through 4/18 for 15% off your purchase of this rose or any roses on the site. *This is offered on the Luxe Bloom site and NOT the Just Jill Shop*

In addition to sending your guests home with some caramels, you can send them home with a little Easter Basket!

Here are a few items you can add to make them feel special:

Remember, you can click on the blue bold text to check out more details about each product. There, you’ll see all of the details about shipping and any more info you might need.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what you snag for your Easter celebration!

From my home to yours,


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