Pecans are versatile. They’re delicious. They’re great for baking, snacking and everything in between. At least that’s my opinion!

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And if you need that extra push to eat a few pecans today, know that they have some key health benefits too. They’re high in fiber and zinc, and they may even be good for heart and brain health!

Now, not everyone enjoys snacking on a bag of raw pecans. So if you’d like to find some other ways to enjoy them, read on for a few of my pecan-filled recipes and favorite snacks!

My Favorite Just Jill Caramel Treats and Desserts

Pecans are a great addition to a variety of recipes! The flavor. The texture.

Maybe it’s just because I love nuts in general, but I really don’t think you can go wrong with adding pecans to anything.

Snowball Cookies with Pecans

These snowball cookies are so easy to make and always a hit.


They have a buttery flavor and texture. And they came from my Grandma’s recipe box… so you know they have to be good!

Just remember to watch them closely in the oven because they can burn easily. But if you get them right, they’re delightful!

Find the recipe HERE!

Historic Maine Inn Pecan Pie

I typically make this pecan pie during the holiday season. But truth be told, it’s great any time of the year.


I tried this pie for the first time when I was on a trip with my parents. We stayed at a small inn in Maine, and my mom was served this pie after dinner.

She brought it up again and again. I knew it had to be good. Luckily, the inn owners gave her the recipe and we were able to make it at home. It WAS as good as she said!

HERE is how to make it.

Easy Party Cheese Ball

It’s called a “party” cheese ball, but I don’t blame you if you’d like to make it as a casual mid-week appetizer at home.


It’s a quick and easy appetizer and you can change it up depending on the occasion!

You can add cooked bacon and jalapenos, or some ham and pineapple. The options are endless… just know that the pecans on top are a must!

Try the recipe HERE!

My Favorite Just Jill Shop Treats with Pecans

Don’t have time to whip up your own caramel treat? We offer some delicious caramel products in the Just Jill Shop!

Find Southern Roots Sisters HERE.

This pack of cookie mixes from Southern Roots Sisters includes a few delicious cookie varieties including oatmeal, chocolate chip, white chocolate Snickerdoodle and salted caramel.

And if you’d like a touch of pecans in your cookies, the double 40 oatmeal cookies include home-raised pecans from Texas!


Also from Southern Roots Sisters is this southern toffee!

This pack includes spicy almond toffee, marble toffee, and you guessed it… pecan toffee!

Find the toffee HERE.

Another toffee option? This set from Miss Ginny’s. You can choose from either dark chocolate sea salt or milk chooclate with pecans. Both great choices if you ask me!

If you love pecans as much as I do, these pecan recipes and treats should hit the spot! I hope you’ll try them soon!

From my home to yours,


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