Sometimes, produce goes bad WAY quicker than expected. And with the cost of groceries, I can’t stand seeing spoiled fruits and veggies in my fridge a couple of days after I go to the store.

Believe me, I tried everything. Airtight containers, separating one item from another, shifting my produce around my fridge… but in the past, nothing seemed to extend the life of my leafy greens and berries.

That’s until I found a neat hack that keeps my produce fresh way longer than before.

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Hack for Longer Lasting Produce

Want in on my secret? I wash my fruits and vegetables before storing them in my fridge! But that’s not all. I actually have a recipe for a “bath” where I do the rinsing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
  • 3 cups of water
  • large bowl or container

The 1:3 white vinegar to water ratio seems to be the sweet spot for this “recipe.” Unlike rinsing under plain tap water, this mixture rids your fresh produce of any mold spores or bacteria that can speed up the rotting of food.

Simply place your items in the bath and wash them like you would with water. Next, rinse the food in fresh, cold water after the bath and pat dry before storing it in the refrigerator.

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Easy enough, right?

You can also keep a spray bottle filled with the solution and use it on your apples this fall season! Another tip: If you’re rinsing lettuce, it’s probably best to separate the leaves first to make sure the solution gets every part of the surface.

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Other Ways To Make Your Produce Last fresh produce hacks

The simple hack above is my go-to for keeping my grocery items fresh. But having the right storage containers is also important!

I shared a few of my favorite containers in this blog below.

Find the blog HERE.

I also bundled up all of my favorite refrigerator storage containers and must-haves BELOW! Take a look!

So, if you’re dealing with spoiled fruits and veggies, I hope you find these fresh produce hacks helpful!

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