Not all holiday gifts have to be purchased from a store. Homemade gifts can be just as great. And sometimes, even more meaningful!

Creating your own gift can also be more cost-effective. And while some people assume a DIY gift requires a lot of effort, it doesn’t have to!

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Take for example a homemade hot cocoa gift. Find a mug or a mason jar (or repurpose one from your home), fill 1/2 with cocoa mix, 1/2 with marshmallows, and top it with a bow.

Simple, cute and filled with holiday cheer!

Need some more homemade holiday gift ideas? Here are some that you can make in time for Christmas.

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Homemade Holiday Gifts Ideas

When the weather cools down, a cup of hot cocoa always hits the spot!

Sure, you can give someone a Starbucks card for a quick cocoa trip, but I like to turn this classic drink into something special.

If using a mug like this one, put a couple of packets of hot chocolate inside along with a handful of marshmallows.

You can also jazz it up and throw in some chocolates or starlight mints.

Another ideas is to make a DIY hot cocoa kit using a mason jar. Creating one this way allows you to fill the jar with loose cocoa mix instead of using packets.

If you know someone that’s head over heels for coffee, you can’t go wrong with a coffee kit.

You can include a mug, a bag of ground coffee (or whole bean), some biscotti and a flavored syrup to make them feel like they’re at the barista’s bar!

My favorite syrup is from the Skinny Syrups brand.

They have ALL different types of flavors (white chocolate mocha, pumpkin spice, cinnamon vanilla, peppermint mocha…).

And by purchasing them at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods, you can score them for cheaper!

Find the rope basket HERE.

One of these rope baskets is ideal for a cozy-themed gift.

Add a knit blanket, a pair of slippers, a bottle of wine and a candle for that person who could use some much needed relaxation.

Another idea I love is making a bathroom-themed gift.

There are plenty of fun soap dispensers out there that you can fill with inexpensive dish or hand soap. You can even tie a bow around the top to make it feel holiday-like.

Baking this winter season? Gift a batch of Christmas cookies on a decorative plate!

My advice is to stock up on festive plates, bowls and other dishware right after the holidays. They’re usually on sale and you can save them for next year’s cookie deliveries.

But you can still find year-round plates like the one above. It was only $3.99!

Check out this cute spatula dish combo I found!

My recommendation is to bake something like my light and delicious carrot cake, my German chocolate cake or my easy pumpkin cake and gift it to a neighbor in this dish.

Cover it with festive saran wrap and attach the spatula on top.

A great baked good for the person that likes to bake!

You can also add some kitchen towels or a potholder of you’d like to stick with the cooking and baking theme.

How cute is this Vera Bradley tumbler I stumbled upon??

You can fill it with candy or include it in a gift basket with gift cards, a new 2023 planner and more!

Find the basket HERE.

Speaking of baskets, I love this woven style from Target.

When making a DIY gift basket, try to create one based off of a theme.

One theme I enjoy is a bath and body theme with additions like soaps, loofas, bath scrubs and soothing essentials.

You could also do a movie night theme with popcorn holders, popcorn seasonings and a gift card to rent some movies online!

For something really meaningful, a frame with a memorable photo or an inspirational quote is always a great gift.

Have you seen my tips on how to turn Christmas cards into home decor? These frames can also be used as decorative peiecs around your house.

Find this makeup bag HERE.

Do you have a makeup guru on your list? Here’s an idea they’ll love!

I did some in-person browsing this weekend and found the cutest makeup bags at places like Target, HomeGoods and Walmart.

Fill a bag with lip balms and other individual makeup goodies that you can put together to make your own touch-up kit.

It’s not too late to put together that gift for a loved one. And with a little DIY twist, I know these homemade holiday gift ideas will help you pull together a gift they’ll remember.

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