If you’re still scrambling to find some last-minute gifts, you’re in luck! There are still a couple of days to shop if you want your gifts to arrive before Christmas

If you’re buying from the Just Jill Shop, you can ensure delivery of most items as long as you order by the end of the day today (Sunday 12/17).

And if you’re shopping from other retailers, you’re likely in the “safe zone” of the holiday delivery schedule. But just to be sure, it’s a good idea to check websites to make sure your gift will show up on time.

Now, back to the gifts… because that’s the fun part! If you’re looking for a few more items to put under the tree, I’m sure my list of last-minute gifts will help. Keep scrolling below to see some of my top picks for the holiday that are perfect for your friends, family members, neighbors, and more!

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Top Kitchen and Home Last-Minute Gifts

Need some gifting inspo for the person that always seems to be in the kitchen? Snag my picks before it’s too late!

Find the mugs HERE.

These ceramic holiday mugs are fun, festive and perfect for hot cocoa! I like to fill mugs with candy, hot chocolate mix or marshmallows to make a cute DIY gift.

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Other times, I’ll pick out a variety of coffee beans, chocolates or biscotti to go with the mug.

Find The Ember Mug HERE.

I have quite a collection of ceramic mugs at home, but this year, I have my eye on the Ember Mug. If you haven’t heard of this elevated mug, I’m happy to be the one to show you how neat it is! You can control the temperature of the mug by using an app on your smartphone.

You can also see the temperature so you never burn your tongue! If you ask me, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who works from their desk all day.

Find the coffee maker HERE.

This compact Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is great for kitchens big and small!

The perfect present for a new homeowner or a college kid.

Find the spatulas HERE.

These Christmas-themed mini spatulas are festive and ideal for any kitchen-themed gift basket.

Find the cookie cutters HERE.

So are these adorable cookie cutters for the baker in your life. You know… I might even snag them for myself.

Find the platter HERE.

When I do end up baking up some Christmas cookies for my friends and neighbors, I plan on putting them on a pretty platter like this one. It really takes a simple gift to a whole new level!

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Find the giving plate HERE.

The giving plate is another tray you can use when you deliver your cookies to your loved ones. What’s neat about this one is that it’s supposed to be passed on for years and years to come!

Find the precision cooker HERE.

A sous vide precision cooker is designed to help you cook fish, vegetables, meat and more perfectly. It also comes with a full-service app that shows you temperature guides, recipes and enables you to start, stop and monitor your cooking from anywhere!

My Favorite Food Last-Minute Gifts

Food is always a good idea when it comes to gifting. Practical and enjoyable!

For breakfast, tailgates, dinner and more, turn to our collection of Happy to Meat You items!

We have breakfast options, sandwich kits, and even a Polish Tavern Ham for the holidays! So flavorful!

Find the Big Bacon Sausage Pack HERE.

If you’re one to have a Christmas morning breakfast, the Big Bacon Sausage Pack is a must. It includes two 1.5-pound packs of bacon and 12 ounces of breakfast sausage.

The Burger and Hot Dog Collection is also a great choice for the grilling guru.

Find Hope’s HERE.

This season, let Hope’s Caramels put a smile on the face of your gift recipients. These caramels melt in your mouth and they’re ideal for including in a mug, a stocking or a little gift basket.

Find Sweet Shop USA HERE.

We also have other candy picks in the shop including Sweet Shop USA, Scamps Toffee, R&J Toffee, Bauer’s Candies, Funky Chunky, and More.

Find the mason jars HERE.

The holidays are a great time to gift small food items like hot cocoa mixes, small candies, or even my savory ranch crackers! But to give these treats an extra homemade feel, I like to seal them in these mason jars.

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Find the large canister HERE.

If making a batch of Chex Mix or homemade doggie treats is more of your thing, a large canister like this one may work a bit better! The other neat thing about gifting something in these glass jars is that the jars can easily be repurposed.

I like to use them to hold cotton balls in my bathroom and coffee pods in my kitchen.

Find Saltopia HERE.

If you have a cook on your holiday list, they’ll love the salts and seasonings from Saltopia.

There are salts for grilling, low-sodium salts, popcorn flavoring salts, and even salts for veggies.

Find Sweeteez HERE.

I’m going to give you a warning here… one bite of Sweeteez and you’ll be hooked. Not only are the items baked fresh, they’re HUGE. You can easily cut a brownie into two and still have a nice dessert!

This pack of cookies, rice crispy treats and brownies is our Holiday Baker’s Dozen, but we also have the Baker’s Dozen, the Chocolate-Lovers Box and the pack of brownies and rice crispy treats.

Other Last-Minute Gifts for Christmas

Still haven’t seen something you like? Take a look at these other options for a holiday gift they won’t forget.

Find PowerBeads HERE.

With over 50 styles to choose from, PowerBeads bracelets are a fabulous gift for any style-savvy gal. We have a whole holiday collection that features bracelets with a snowflake charm, a Christmas tree charm, a cardinal charm, and more.

We also have bestsellers like the sodalite bracelet with a heart charm, a pebble jasper bead with a labradorite charm. And they’re all $39 for a limited time!

Find the Hub HERE.

For a little help around the home, take a look at this Google Home Hub.

By connecting it to other devices, you can use it to control your lights, the temperature of your house, and you can even ask it the weather!

Find the paperclip collection HERE.

Our paperclip jewelry collection is filled with bracelets and necklaces that can be dressed up or down. Each piece is super trendy and great for layering!

Find the kindle HERE.

If you’re a book-lover (or have a book-lover on your list), the Amazon Kindle is a great gifting option. It’s basically like taking a library everywhere you go. You can load thousands of books onto it and since the screen is anti-glare, you can read it anywhere!

Find WanderFull HERE.

The WanderFull HydroBags have been a seasonal BESTSELLER! And in addition to the classic style, we have belt bags, HydroDoubles, totes, and hobo bags for everyone’s personal style.

Remember, we’re coming down to the line when it comes to shipping! So after adding a few of these last-minute gifts to your cart, it’s a good idea to snag them asap. Happy shopping!

From my holiday home to yours,


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