There are so many benefits to opting for a packed lunch.

It saves money, you can choose exactly what you want, and if you plan accordingly, it can be significantly healthier than eating out!

Don’t get me wrong. I love eating out and trying new places. There are so many options to choose from. And when packing a meal, I find it hard to change things up and tend to go back to a few of my “go-to” items out of habit and ease of planning.

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Since today is National Brown Bag-It Day, I wanted to find a few ways to take your mundane packed lunch to a new level. From recipes to lunchbox essentials that will make eating your basic sandwich even more enjoyable!

Check out my packed lunch ideas below.

Easy, Packable Food Ideas

Most of my recipes are meant for at-home enjoyment or sit-down meals. But I do have a few in my recipe box that are great for packed lunch!

No-Bake Energy Bites

My no-bake energy bites are one of the snacks I recommend to anyone looking for a healthy, filling and semi-sweet snack on the go.

They’re filled with oats, peanut butter, chocolate chips and more… and you can’t go wrong when those ingredients are part of the recipe!

Savory and Spicy Crackers

This salty and crunchy snack is begging to be packed in a lunch box!

And because they’re so easy to make, you can whip up an entire batch and pack some every day of the week.

While these say “spicy” in the title, don’t let that scare you. Yes, they have a little kick to them, but only a little.

They’re kid-friendly and incredibly addicting!

Lasagna Pizza Cups

For something less snack-like and more meal-worthy, check out my lasagna pizza cups.

When I pack these for lunch, I like to find a microwave to heat them up. But I’m sure they’re great at any temperature!

The reason these work great for a packed lunch is that you don’t need a fork or knife to eat them. Finger food is the name of the game with these lasagna pizza cups!

Just make sure to bring some napkins… they’re super cheesy!

Packed Lunch Boxes and Bags

You can’t pack your lunch without something to pack it in! So, here are a few traditional and unique lunch boxes to use for your next packed lunch.

Find the bento box HERE.

Check out this elevated bento box that can hold everything from a sandwich to a salad.

It includes two plastic compartments and a strap to hold everything together. And it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning!

Find the Lucy Cooler Purse HERE.

This may look like a purse, but it’s actually a lunch box.

The Lucy Cooler Purse features an adjustable shoulder strap, a food-safe liner and an insulated interior. Plus, it can hold two bottles of wine!

Find the Summerton Tote HERE.

This Summerton Lunch Tote is adorable AND practical! It’s also only $20 which makes it even more of a catch.

The bag itself has two pockets on the front and comes with two food containers. Great for picnics or a long day at work!

Find the salad box HERE.

This container from Williams Sonoma is especially great for salad. You can put the base of the salad in the bottom, and your dressing and toppings in the top.

That way, your fresh salad doesn’t get soggy by mid-day!

Packed Lunch Accessories

Now that you have your lunch and lunch box, it’s time to accessorize!

Find the MyBevi tumbler HERE.

The MyBevi Classic Tumbler will keep your hot drinks warm, and cold drinks cool for hours!

I love that it comes in multiple colors, and the no-splash lid minimizes the chance of those spilling mishaps.

Find Stasher bags HERE.

Want an eco-friendly way to keep your food fresh? Stasher has you covered!

These food-safe silicone bags are great for sandwiches, crackers and everything in between. I like that they wash well and you can even through them in the dishwasher.

Find the utensils HERE.

This to-go cutlery set ensures you’ll never have to rummage for a fork or spoon again.

The set comes with a carrying case that features a magnetic closure to keep everything in place.

Find the ice packs HERE.

These super affordable ice packs will keep your food cool until it’s ready to be enjoyed. This set comes with four, and they’re made with food-grade safe plastic.

Whether you pack your lunch on a daily basis or you’d like to start doing it more, I hope these packed lunch ideas have you covered!

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