There are so many things I love about summer. The sunshine, walks outside, fruity treats, and of course, picnics.

Beyond finding a picnic partner, a place to sit and some snacks, there isn’t much structure needed to create the perfect picnic. But there are certainly things you can add to your picnic checklist that will make it even more enjoyable!

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You can check out some of my favorite picnic essentials below!

Picnic Essentials Basics

Here are a few must-haves you’ll want at your next summertime picnic.

Picnic Essentials
Find the blanket tote HERE.

First (and perhaps, most important), a picnic blanket!

I was immediately drawn to this Picnic Time blanket tote because it’s super easy to take to and from your picnic spot. One side is fleece and the other is a water-resistant fabric to keep you dry.

Picnic Essentials
Find the basket HERE.

Then there’s a picnic basket to hold all of your food.

I love the classic look of this wicker picnic basket and I appreciate the removable internal lining that’s easy to wash!

Find the cooler HERE.

But of course, if you have perishable foods or items served better cold, trust in a hard cooler that can be filled with ice or ice packs.

Take a look at this Coleman hard-side cooler I found!

Picnic Essentials
Find the tote HERE.

We recently added this Sprigs fringe tote to the Just Jill Shop.

I think it’s great for holding other personal picnic essentials like a water bottle, sunglasses and more.

Find the chairs HERE.

Would you rather sit in a chair instead of on the ground?

This compact tripod chairs is neat and super easy to tote along to your picnic.

Picnic Essentials
Find the utensil set HERE.

“Go green” while saving money with this portable utensil set.

Each set includes a spoon, a fork and a knife in a compact container that you can throw in your picnic basket or in a bag. And they’re under $4 each!

Extra Picnic Essentials

Now that you’re covered with the basics, here are a few more picnic essentials you can take to the park!

Picnic Essentials
Find the Rambler HERE.

This YETI Rambler is designed to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot… for hours!

I have one of my own and while it’s on the pricier side, it will hold up for years.

Picnic Essentials
Find the wine tumbler HERE.

And if you’re a fan of wine, check out this wine tumbler.

It even has a nice sipping lid to help you avoid spills!

Find the corkscrew HERE.

While we’re on the subject of wine, don’t forget a wine opener!

Yes, a lot of bottles are twist-off, but the last thing you want is to bring a bottle to the park without a way to open it!

Picnic Essentials
Find the cooler HERE.

It’s also a good idea to have a wine cooler around. Especially if you plan to soak up the sun for a few hours!

Find the hat HERE.

Don’t let the bright sun be a distraction! Instead, keep cool and keep the sun out of your eyes with this adorable Sprigs summer hat.

It comes in four color options!

Picnic Essentials
Find the sunscreen HERE.

And while we’re talking about sun protection, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

I always turn to this PEAK 10 Sun JOY sunscreen because it’s formulated with clean ingredients and it doesn’t feel greasy.

Find the stasher bags HERE.

I’ve always loved Stasher bags. They keep my food fresh and they’re easy to clean when you’re finished!

Picnic Essentials
Find the containers HERE.

I also recently found these to-go condiment holders that can be used for dips, toppings and more.

Next time you’re planning a picnic, I hope you’ll be able to use this list to help you make it a great one!

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