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I fulfilled a garden wishlist item last year.

After years and years of remembering trips to the blueberry patch with my grandparents, I finally found the perfect way (with little time and effort) to grow berries at home.

blueberries from Bushel and Berry

Enter Bushel and Berry®, a collection of self-pollinating berry plants specifically created for small spaces.

Translation? As long as you have room for a whiskey barrel-sized container on your deck or patio, you can grow your own berries too!

I had so much fun planting, tending to, and growing blueberries and blackberries last season! Take a look!

The Fruits Of My Labor

Summer 2023 was delicious thanks to the homegrown blueberries and blackberries I grew on my deck and patio.

blueberries from bushel and berry on a patio

The blueberry varieties I tried fruited back to back, so I was able to enjoy these delicious berries for weeks!

And as my blueberry crop slowed down, here came the blackberries!

blackberries ripening

I love this Baby Cakes variety because it’s thornless. No prickers when I want to grab a juicy berry for a snack.

And it produced 2 small crops of berries to enjoy… one in summer and another in the fall. Double the berries means double the pleasure!

ripe blackberries

What I’m Planting This Year

Take a look at my blackberry bush already! I can’t believe all of the buds.

blackberry buds in early spring

And you know what that means? Buds become BERRIES! WOW! I was thrilled with my harvest last year, but it looks like I’m in for a windfall of berries this summer! Blackberry pie anyone?

My blueberry plants are looking good too. I love the foliage on the different varieties.

blueberry blooms

Blueberry bushes look so pretty as they start to flower. I’m already seeing a few flowers as well as tons of tiny buds! It’s so exciting!

I’m going to add one more type of berry to my little berry farm this year… STRAWBERRIES!

Home-grown strawberries. Just saying it out loud makes my mouth water!

And with the results from my Bushel and Berry® plants last year, I know these strawberry plants will produce my favorite sweet fruit in no time!

Who’s ready for strawberry shortcake?

Look For Bushel And Berry® Now!

So, if you’ve always dreamed of growing your berries, be on the lookout for plants from Bushel and Berry® the next time you head to your local nursery or garden center. It’s a national brand and is found throughout the United States. Click HERE to find a retailer near you.

Blueberry plant by Bushel and Berry

Remember, Bushel and Berry® is specifically designed to be grown in containers in small spaces! As long as you have a sunny spot, you should have no trouble growing delicious berries this year.

For more planting tips for blueberries and blackberries, CLICK HERE.

And keep checking back on my social platforms over the next few months where I’ll be updating this year’s harvest!

Bauer’s Berry Farm (what I like to call my little patio garden) is back in business!

From my garden to yours,


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