I know we all have a lot on our minds right now. We’re homebound, isolated, and feeling stressed about this new normal and what lies ahead. It’s an unprecedented, crazy and somewhat scary time. I think we’re all feeling this way and there is comfort in seeing communities come together, being there for each other, rallying the cry to support small businesses, and taking care of our elderly neighbors.

While I wish the circumstances were different, I’m at peace spending time with my family AT HOME. And with the arrival of Spring, and Easter just a few weeks away, I couldn’t think of anything happier to share than the pretty pastels (and a few cute bunnies) of the season. I know there are bigger things than decorating your home going on in the world… but I also know how much I appreciate a little distraction from the news of the day. I hope looking at some new things or ideas gives you a little break too.

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Egg-stra cute!

The shape, the colors, the glow! The pierced floral work allows these to be more about spring than just Easter. Pretty by day, illuminated at night… a simple way to add a fresh touch to your home. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/7d7c6036fcaf7d5f9f747ce709a438b54aaeb357?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996

Speaking of eggs…

I love this decorative pillow! Such an easy way to add a touch of spring to your home. The softer shades of color make it easy to nestle into your home decor, even if you don’t use these colors throughout your space. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/8193529cd822e72fe5778d4972c185887e69f8b1?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996


Ever since my kids were young, I’ve tried to find placemats to change up the mood of their meals. If I wasn’t going to change my dishes, at least I could change up their table space!

Bunny Bonanza!

Okay, let’s face it. Bunnies are just cute. They make us smile. They’re perfect touches indoors and out for spring and summer. And they don’t have to look like kids play. I found a few favorites below.

This is supposed to be an outdoor door mat…but I’d love to look at it indoors! Bunnies and gingham! Does is get any better??

This dapper little bunny steals my heart. His bronze color make him a natural to pair with lanterns you may have. And once the spring flowers start to bloom in your garden, he’ll be right at home. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/005b58970b056f2972c1245bd7ef150c5c139d43?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
I don’t know that I’ll ever invest in a complete place setting of bunny-ware. But these salad size plates are too cute to pass up…not just cute, they’re elegant too. I love the soft whites and grays that can tie into farmhouse chic. Won’t these be perfect layered with your white china and porcelain? Imagine your kids’ and grandchildren’s delight in having breakfast or afternoon snacks on such a special dish!
I see so many possibilities for this sweet bunny. Love it as a candy dish. But what about as a place to put your jewelry when you take off your treasures at night? Perhaps some potpourri, or a beautiful soap in a powder room? I think you get the idea. Simple and sweet…and sure to make you smile

Fabulous florals

I like the smaller scale of this piece. The colors are perfect for a spring refresh and you can nestle this in just about anywhere. You might consider a set of 2, to use on each side of your mantle or dining room console table. Pretty on your nightstand too!https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/16845105c3c9a02d64c72550ea4023da1caca3c0?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
This piece is a real WOW! The color combination is elegant, the trailing vines provide amazing texture and the birdcage design with growing greenery is the crowning touch. Imagine the statement this will make on an entryway table or as the centerpiece to your dining room. I look at this as an investment piece that you will enjoy looking at for many springs to come.
The beauty of this pillow is its neutrality. And that lends itself to be used for longer stretches of time in your decor. I’ve always thought a wreath of tulips was so beautiful. I can totally see this with white washed furniture, shiplap walls and mixed with a fluffy throw. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/561150a1abdf135cee9d44d3b7937b4f260aeb9f?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
I think my favorite thing about this wreath is the different types of blooms and how each has its own tones of pink. The greenery in this wreath is complementary too. When I think of a spring wreath for my front door, this is what comes to mind. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/79fc126dd79f82ae00fd588f390437c5b499ea66?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
Confession: I have a thing for appetizer plates. It makes cheese and crackers feel special. They’re the perfect size for decorating too. They don’t take up a lot of room in the cabinets so my husband doesn’t complain. (hee hee). If nothing else, use these for YOU. A gardener’s and flower lover’s delight!

A few extras to make you smile….

Whether it’s your morning coffee, a midday cup of tea, or a happy reminder to drink more water, this mug is perfect for somebunny like you. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/7dc97301f71a00dd8f2e3eef1094d6be330a9742?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996
These whimsical bunnies will look darling in a container on your porch, or along your front walkway. With everyone trying to get outside for a walk or a bike ride, seeing these sweet faces is sure to make everyone in the neighborhood smile. https://go.shopyourlikes.com/pi/71672dad862a7fc77ead5f2e2086a01694ebf805?afId=697426&afCreativeId=2996

Spring 2020 is different than any of us could have imagined. I hope you’re surrounding yourself with the people you love and finding ways to brighten up your space. Let me know in the comments below if you’re looking for ideas! My goal, as always, is to be your go-to gal for all things home. If you’re looking for some other home decor ideas, check out my beautiful blues blog or decorating on a budget.

Take care, be safe and stay home.

From my home to yours,


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