You’ve heard me talk about it a few times… but I just can’t contain my excitement! The Eagles are going to Super Bowl 57!

One of my favorite things to do on the day of the game is making iconic foods from each of the cities playing.

This year, the Eagles taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. So, between my time here in Philly and my Missouri college days, I have quite a few food ideas for my family to enjoy while watching the game.

Here are some of my favorites that you can include in your own party this year!

Iconic Foods from Philadelphia

I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area for a good portion of my life. And you bet I’ve tried everything Philly is known for!

Philly Cheesesteak

If you’re only going to make one food to represent Philadelphia, it has to be a cheesesteak.

The famous Geno’s Steaks.

There are an endless number of places where you can get a cheesesteak, but Geno’s Steaks and Pat’s Steaks are definitely the most popular.

If you ask me my favorite, I’ll always say Jim’s.

Jim’s actually chops up the meat instead of serving it in strips.

A cheesesteak from Jim’s.

And there’s a huge debate (dare I say the GREAT debate) as to what type of cheese you’re supposed to put on a Philly cheesesteak.

I say a real cheesesteak is always topped WIT WIZ. Cheese Whiz, that is. And when it comes to the bun, it has to be just right. Not too thick and extra soft.

So there it is… a California transplant’s tips for a perfect Philly cheesesteak!


Another sandwich option you can make for Super Bowl 57 is a hoagie.

This is Philly’s version of a “sub” or “hero” and it comes stuffed with everything you’d want on a sandwich—meats, cheeses and a variety of veggies.

A hoagie from Marinucci’s Deli.

The best hoagies are served on extra fresh bread, often from a nearby bakery.

And while it’s pretty simple to make at home, you can also order in from one of Philly’s famous hoagie joints. I recommend Angelo’s Pizzeria, Marinucci’s Deli, Fink’s Hoagies or Cosi’s Deli!

Soft Pretzels

You can get a soft pretzel anywhere. But did you know Philadelphia is known for its soft pretzels?

It’s true!

They’re available at corner stores, bakeries or from street vendors.

The Philly Pretzel Factory is one of the best places to get one. But you can also head to Miller’s Twist to watch them make pretzels in front of you!

If you’re serving up pretzels for Super Bowl 57, I recommend pairing them with some dipping sauces like mustard and cheese. Yum!

Water Ice

It sounds bland, but this classic treat is far from it.

First, it’s not pronounced as spelled. Instead, it sounds more like “wooder ice” (well, that’s if you’re a local!).

There’s really nothing like Rita’s!

You may know it as Italian ice and you’ve likely had it before! I’ve enjoyed this chilly treat from a variety of places, but my favorite water ice is from Rita’s.

We always used to take the kids and we’ll still make a pit stop there when the temps rise!

If you’d like to have water ice while watching the super bowl, you can actually find it at most grocery stores. Popular brands include Marinos Italian Ices and Luigi’s Real Italian Ice.


Tastykakes were one of my childhood favs. And maybe one of yours too!

Tastykake treats make a great addition to a food board!

But did you know that the Tastykake company is actually from Philadelphia?

It’s been a phenomenon for over 100 years and the company has a huge selection of treats to choose from!

You can get honey buns, powdered donuts a wide variety of pastries. Such an easy snack to serve at your Super Bowl 57 party!

Tomato Pie

I get it. Tomato Pie doesn’t sound all that appetizing. But I’ll say it again and again (and again and again)… don’t knock it till you try it!

Tomato Pie looks a lot like pizza without the cheese. But the main difference between the two is that you eat tomato pie at room temperature!

The crust is a lot like focaccia bread and the tomato sauce is EXTRA flavorful. Sometimes people will top it with some Parmesan cheese, but that’s all!

A tomato pie taken to a whole new level!

In honor of the Eagles’ incredible season, Conshohocken Italian Bakery made this #FlyEaglesFly tomato pie. How cool!

Foods to Make from Kansas City

I’ve never lived in Kansas City, but I spent some time in the area during my college days at Mizzou! Here are some foods that the city is known for.

BBQ Burnt Ends

What a cheesesteak is to Philly, BBQ is to Kansas City.

Unlike southern-style barbecue that’s sweet, KC-style is smokey. But let me tell you… they know what they’re doing!

While all BBQ is popular in the city, they’re especially known for burnt ends which are trimmings of brisket.

Charred, tender and crunchy all at the same time!

Here’s a fun piece of history. Burnt ends used to be given out for free because they were seen as useless. But a man named Arthur Bryant began selling them in the 1970s and now they’re considered a delicacy.

Even if burnt ends aren’t your thing, BBQ in general is iconic to Kansas City. So serve up whatever you’d like!

And if you just can’t imagine watching Super Bowl without some nachos, BBQ pulled pork is an excellent topping with some chips and cheese!

(I have a bunch of ways to use BBQ meat… find them in my blog HERE!)

Fried Chicken

Serve fried chicken at any gathering and you’ll be popular. Don’t serve fried chicken at a Kansas City gathering, and you’ll get some odd looks.

That’s because classic fried chicken is another gameday staple!

Gotta have fried chicken from Gus’s!

There isn’t any special way you have to make fried chicken to serve it up KC-style, so you can buy some from your local grocery store and you’ll be set!

But if you’re in the Kansas City area, check out Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

Just like with pretzels, it’s all about the dipping sauces (like Ranch, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, etc.). The more the merrier!

Cheesy Corn

If you’re serving BBQ and need a side dish, KC-style cheesy corn is essential.

KC classic cheesy corn!

Cheesy corn is packed with a variety of sweet and savory flavors and you can change it up as you please.

Some people add potatoes to their dish and others add bacon. But you can enjoy cheesy corn without any additions and it’s sure to delight!

It’s essentially mac and cheese, but instead of pasta, you have corn! I haven’t made it myself, but THIS recipe looks like a good one.

(If you’d like to serve another corn dish, try my CLASSIC CORN BAKE recipe!)

Cheese Slipper

It sounds like it belongs in a fairy tale, but it belongs on your plate!

A cheese slipper is a handmade, cheesy pastry made with wheat flour, olive oil and lots and lots of cheese.

This now iconic food was invented at Fervere Bakery and they still sell them to this day.

But you’ll want to show up early… they sell out fast!

Cinnamon Rolls and Chili

You’ve had cinnamon rolls and you’ve had chili, but in Kansas City, they’re enjoyed together!

If you need a good chili recipe, I’m going to do a little self-promotion and recommend mine. It’s not too spicy but it has a little kick to it.

Find my recipe HERE.

Since it’s made in a slow cooker, you can cook a batch while you’re getting other foods together for your Super Bowl 57 party.

Find the recipe HERE!

I don’t have a cinnamon roll recipe I can give you, but I love buying the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from the store. I don’t know how they do it, but they get the icing just right!

No matter how you make your cinnamon rolls, just remember to enjoy them with a side of chili!

Russell Stover Chocolates

KC is home to Russell Stover chocolates. You’ve probably had them before as you can find them in almost any grocery store!

Find the chocolates HERE.

So, if you’re looking for a simple treat that’s easy to serve at your Super Bowl 57 party, pick up a box of chocolates and enjoy this KC classic!

(PS. If you get a box big enough, you’ll have some extra chocolate for Valentine’s Day!)

What do you plan on serving to watch Super Bowl 57? Maybe I’ll add one of your ideas to my list!

From my football home to yours,


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