You’re either a pancake person or a waffle person. Me? Well… let’s just say, don’t get between me and my pancakes! Tasty pancake recipes.

A classic buttermilk pancake is always a good choice, but the beauty in pancakes is that there are so many ways to eat them!

And now that fall is finally here, I have a few autumn-inspired flapjack recipes you’ll want to check out.

Does apple sound good? Or maybe pumpkin? If you answered yes, you can find a couple of my super tasty pancake recipes below.

Apple Pancakes with Cinnamon Cider Sauce

If you like apple pie, I have no doubt you’ll love these apple pancakes.

The recipe dates back to my childhood when my mom was a school teacher.

She would make this tasty breakfast for her school’s holiday staff luncheon and they couldn’t get enough of it!

Well, you know who else couldn’t get enough? Our family! And now, I’m grateful that I can pass it onto my own.

There are some major flavors going on here from apples to cinnamon to cider. Topped with the sauce, it’s hard to beat these ones.

Find the full apple pancake recipe HERE.

Pumpkin Pancakes with Salted-Caramel-Bacon Syrup

Calling all of my pumpkin bread fans! Now, you can enjoy the same sweet and spice-packed flavor in the form of a pancake.

This recipe also comes from memories with my mom. Close to where I live, there’s a little cafe that serves up the best breakfast.

I’m not exaggerating when I say their menu is filled with some of the most unique and flavorful options I’ve ever seen!

But when it comes to my favorite, it’s their pumpkin pancakes.

After the first time I tried them, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and that’s what inspired me to make a version at home! I tossed around some flavors and viola.

Pumpkin, salty, sweet, maple, cinnamon… and bacon! This homemade fall-flavored breakfast was born.

Find the full pumpkin pancake recipe HERE.

Fall Breakfast Essentials

Want to make your tasty autumn breakfast even more festive? Here are some items to use on your fall table.

Click on the images to learn more about each of my finds!

Which one of these tasty pancake recipes do you plan on making first?

There are also no rules around here… so you could make them both at the same time!

From my fall kitchen to yours,


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