I’ve always considered nuts to be a grab-and-go snack. But I mist admit, there are a lot of delicious ways to use them when you’re cooking or entertaining!

The crunchy texture, the seasonings and the flavor are a super easy way to take your everyday dish and turn it into something extra tasty.

That’s why I’m excited to share some of the ways I use nuts in my recipes. You’ll be surprised how many unique ways you can use them!

3 Ways To Use Nuts In Salads

One of the easiest ways to use nuts is in place of croutons in a salad.

I personally love them in a caesar salad.

Try to find seasoned Virginia peanuts (salt and pepper or roasted garlic are good options) to throw in your salad.

The saltiness of the parmesan cheese and the creamy dressing pair perfectly with the crunch of the nuts!

And speaking of a salad with crunchy flavor… wait until you try my Mexican Street Corn recipe.

Whether I’m throwing a backyard barbecue, heading out for a tailgate or trying to find a tasty side for a meal, this salad doesn’t disappoint.

It’s especially great when fresh corn is in season, but it works fine with canned or frozen corn too!

I love adding red chile queso peanuts to this recipe… it truly takes the salad to a whole new level. And don’t let the “chile” deter you. They have a subtle hint of heat, but they aren’t too spicy!

Wondering if corn and peanuts actually go together? Just think back to your youth with sweet popcorn and peanut combos in Cracker Jacks and Fiddle Faddle.

If it works with a sweet flavor profile, why not savory?

This Mexican Street Corn Salad has a delicious tang from the lime juice, cilantro and Cotija cheese.

But when you add in the crunch of the red chile queso peanuts? Oh boy… that extra layer of seasoning really complements the other ingredients!

I didn’t realize that this salad needed the crunch factor in the texture. But it made such a difference!

I don’t think I’ll ever make it without seasoned nuts again.

And what happens when you take a recipe that already has peanuts as an ingredient and change it up by adding seasoned nuts?

Well… that’s what I did with this Thai Cucumber Salad recipe!

Salted peanuts are already an existing ingredient. But I wanted to see what would happen if I used Thai sweet chile peanuts instead.

The result? More flavor and more taste! I also found that chile-roasted pistachios also work great on this salad.

The sweet chili and the dressing in one bite will really make each taste POP!

Charcuterie Boards Are Perfect For Peanuts

You might think the star of charcuterie boards is the meat and cheese. But I’d like to think that adding nuts is the perfect way to keep them interesting!

You can really get creative here by adding any type of nut (and any flavor of nut) you’d like.

Recently, I’ve added “Everything Bagel” cashews to my charcuterie boards.

The savory coating is the perfect amount of flavor and saltiness. Not too overpowering… but WAY too good just to have a couple.

And if you really want to mix up the flavor profiles on your board, try incorporating some sweet-coated nuts on the board!

Here’s a video of how I put together my boards.

While I use Whitley’s peanuts here, you can use whatever brand you please. Get creative!

Nut Ideas For Dessert

I don’t know what it is about nuts and ice cream… but they are such a good combination!

You can take regular peanuts, warm chocolatey fudge, vanilla ice cream and create an at-home version of a Dairy Queen peanut buster parfait. That’s so easy, right?

Here’s another ice cream sundae idea.

Take crunchy toffee bites or salted caramel churro almonds and use them to top off your ice cream.

Drizzle with some caramel, and the dessert is complete!

While we’re on the subject of desserts that really hit the spot, let me share my Light and Easy Peanut Butter Pie!

peanut butter pie HEADER

I made this dessert for the first time this year but oh my goodness… I wish I knew about it sooner!

Try topping the creamy peanut butter base with a drizzle of chocolate, caramel, and a few fresh peanuts to add a crunch. Delish!

It’s also made with reduced-fat peanut butter and light Cool Whip… so don’t feel too bad about eating a couple of slices!

And since fall is creeping around the corner, I wanted to share one of my ABSOLUTE favorite ways to use peanuts.

In my Harvest Snack Mix!

harvest snack mix

When I say I think I could eat my weight in this mix, I’m not exaggerating.

We always have some on hand in our household, and I’m always shocked at how quickly it disappears.

This year, I’m thinking of adding an extra flavor element to the mix by incorporating Pear’s Snacks Peanut Butter Cup peanuts.

Peanut. Butter. Cup. Peanuts… YUM!

Yes, the classic mix of candy corn, slated peanuts and M&M’s is a winner, but I can’t see going wrong with extra peanut butter and chocolate!

What recipe do you want to make first?

I’m sure you can come up with even more ways to use nuts in your recipes. And if you’re open to sharing your ideas, I’d love to hear them!

From my kitchen to yours,


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