Whether she inspired it or it came straight from her little brown recipe box, my Grandma Metzger is at the heart of so many of my recipes.

I must have inherited some of her cooking and baking genes. And all I can think is, “wow, I’m lucky!”

I’m so grateful to share these recipes with you. But I must say, part of me likes making them just to relive the incredible memories I had with her. She’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Now, I’ve shared all of these recipes with you individually, but I thought you’d like to see all of her tasty treats in one place.

So, if you scroll down, you’ll find an entire list of Grandma Metzger’s recipes… and I hope you’ll share them with someone you love as she shared them with me 🙂

Quick and Easy Banana Bread

Banana bread is one of those classic recipes. But my grandma’s recipe is the best you’ll ever try… I’m sure of it!).

A few simple ingredients are all you’ll need to whip up this easy banana bread. And I love that it helps me use up all of those blackened bananas that magically ripen on the counter overnight!

Grandma Metzger

Here’s my recommendation. Smear a little bit of peanut butter on top of this bread. You might even warm it up a bit too.

Let me tell you… the melty, peanut buttery goodness atop that sweet and moist bread tastes truly heavenly. Find the recipe HERE.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Scotcheroos

I call this the peanut butter dessert of my childhood.

I’ve always been a peanut butter gal, and with the combination of chocolate and a touch of butterscotch, they had me in love since day one.

Grandma Metzger

When I say there was always a pan of scotcheroos in my grandma’s kitchen, I mean ALWAYS.

These days, one bite will take me right back to those times she would offer me a square right there in the kitchen! Find the recipe HERE.

Grandma’s Easy Blueberry Cobbler

We called Grandma Metzger the “Queen of All Things Blueberry.”

And yes, that was an official title set in stone by this incredibly easy and delicious blueberry cobbler.

cobbler blueberry Grandma Metzger

My grandparents owned a farm in rural Indiana not far from a blueberry farm. I used to fill buckets with those blueberries… the memories are clear as day.

When we would bring the blueberries back to my grandma’s house, she’d always make us a dessert to enjoy. And this cobbler? It was always a hit. Find the recipe HERE.

Grandma Metzger’s Best Casserole

You’ll see a lot of desserts in my grandma’s recipe box, but this dinner recipe has to be one of her best. It’s why we call it “Grandma Metzger’s BEST Casserole!”

Grandma Metzger

When I make this casserole, it doesn’t last long. But you can also make it ahead of time and freeze it for later enjoyment!

It’s cheesy and satisfying, and it has an “unexpected” crunch that brings everything together. Find the recipe HERE.

Cherry Cheesecake Dessert

This is my daughter Kylie’s favorite dessert and I can thank her great-grandma for the recipe.

This was Grandma Metzger’s go-to recipe when she needed to make a last-minute dessert. It quickly evolved into mine as well!

No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

My grandma would bring this to family gatherings and everyone knew that when she signed up to bring an after-dinner dish, it was this cherry cheesecake dessert.

It’s great year-round, but I must say… a bite of this under the sun while enjoying a family barbecue? Enjoyable! Find the recipe HERE.

Grandma’s Easy Cinnamon Bread

This is the newest recipe on the list, but it may be one of my new favorites.

This cinnamon bread is inspired by the Amish and Mennonite communities near my grandparent’s home in North Central Indiana.

Grandma Metzger

She would bring home delicious foods from the bakeries and markets near the communities, and Amish cinnamon bread was one of them.

My grandma always said she has a recipe “just like it.” And she did! Baked from scratch, it will make your entire home smell utterly delicious! Find the recipe HERE.

My Favorite Strawberry Cake

I still remember the moment I tried this pink, pretty cake for the first time.

And when I talked to my grandma about it, she looked at me and said, “Well, I think I have a recipe like that!”

Grandma Metzger

She was right. Nestled in that little (but mighty!) recipe box of hers was a recipe for strawberry cake.

This is my go-to birthday cake. Sometimes I’ll even make it as a two-layer cake or as cupcakes! But it’s truly enjoyable in any form. Find the recipe HERE.

No-Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

I rediscovered this recipe during the pandemic while digging through my Grandma’s recipe box.

The recipe was so simple, I didn’t have to think twice about making them!

Grandma Metzger

They require simple pantry ingredients and they’re fun to make with the kids (especially because they don’t require any baking).

Another great thing? They’re easy to take on the go! Find the recipe HERE.

Harvest Apple Cake

This fall favorite doesn’t have to be explicitly reserved for the autumn season.

In fact, with one bite, you won’t be able to wait a whole year to make it again!

harvest apple cake header Grandma Metzger

Not only is this harvest apple cake one of my favorites, but it’s also one of my mom’s too.

Something tells me it’s mostly because of the thick cream cheese frosting. But the sweet, moist, apple-filled cake might be the culprit as well! Find the recipe HERE.

I hope you love these recipes from my Grandma Metzger. She really is at the heart of my own baking and cooking journey, and I feel so grateful to share these dishes and treats with you!

From my kitchen to yours,


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