Ask my mom, my kids or my husband and they’ll all confirm my upmost love for peanut butter. It’s one of those things I’ll nevr get sick of, and if you want the honest truth, I have a spoonful almost every day!

That’s why a lot of my recipes include peanut butter in one way or another. And if you’re a peanut butter lover as well, you might want to check out some of my most popular treats.

Find a few of my most delicious peanut butter snacks below including my childhood Scotcheroos and my No Bake Energy Bites.

Just Jill Peanut Butter Recipes

No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

These no bake cookies are easy o whip up when you’re craving something homemade but don’t want to put in a lot of effort.

Find the recipe HERE.

I love their crunchy texture and the creamy chocolate that covers each oat. This is actually my grandma’s recipe and it contains super simple pantry ingredients.

You can find everything you’ll need to make them HERE.

Easy 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

I’d be lying if I said this cookie recipe wasn’t one of my favorites. I’ve tried many versions of this one, but the result has never been as good as this version.

Find the cookie recipe HERE.

When I make them at home, the batch doesn’t last long (guess they’re a hit with my family as well!), but since they only require three ingredients, I don’t mind baking them often.

Though they’re simple to make, you can find everything you’ll need to make them HERE.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Scotcheroos

This is one of those desserts I’ve enjoyed since my childhood and there was always a pan of them sitting on my Grandma Metzger’s kitchen counter.

Find the Scotcheroos HERE.

If you’re a person who likes the flavors of chocolate and peanut butter in every bite, this recipe won’t disappoint. In fact, my grandma always had a rule that you have to take two at a time or you’re bound to go back for seconds!

If you’d like to try this delicious and sentimental recipe, you can follow the instructions HERE.

Easy No Bake Energy Bites

This is one of those peanut butter recipes that tastes like a dessert, but it’s super filling and pretty healthy as well. The best of both worlds!

Between the oats and the flax seed, you’ll get a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants in every bite. Better yet, they’re a great on-the-go treat you can take for lunch on the beach or in the park.

Want to learn more? You can check out my recipe video above!

Oh and while I’m at it, I want to give a special shoutout to Whitley’s Peanuts. I’m clearly a sucker for anything peanut butter-flavored, but the salty taste of peanuts is hard to resist as well.

They have so many delicious flavors but some of my favorite include the smoky habanero chili lime and the extra large classic Virginia Peanuts.

To learn more about my love for Whitley’s (and what makes them so special) you can take a look at my blog HERE.

I hope that all of my fellow peanut butter lovers enjoy these recipes as much as I do! And if you have any of your own you’d like me to try, share your ideas in the comments!

From my home to yours,


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