If you’re looking to redecorate for the spring and summer months, you can find plenty of decorative pieces to spruce up your home.

But if you’re working with minimal space, too much decorating can leave your house looking crowded and cluttered.

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Now, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost! There are plenty of ways you can add your decor favorites to your space without making it feel claustrophobic.

Want me to let you in on the secrets? Check out some of my small room decor tips to help you make even your tiniest room look bigger.

Make Use of Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is a great way to make your small space feel a bit bigger. It gives you a wider perspective and adds more dimension to any room.

You can also make use of clear furniture.

These pieces are often found in more modern-looking homes or rooms, but by being able to see through them, any furniture beyond the clear furniture will appear further away.

Clear Out Clutter

Sometimes, things pile up! But the more clutter you have the smaller and more crowded your space is going to look.

small room decor tips

Find ways to conceal things that can’t be tossed or donated. I find that storage ottomans work well or under-the-bed organizers.

And if you’re able to clear out a little closet space, use bins to put away things you don’t need access to in the moment.

This also applies to furniture! While you might think smaller furniture will open up the look of your room, these small pieces tend to make the cluttered look even worse.

Use Light and Neutral Tones

That info your mom shared with you is true. Darker colors often make a space seem smaller than it is.

Additionally, warmer colors tend to offer a cozy and intimate feeling to your room, whereas cool colors make it feel open and airy.

small room decor tips

When sticking with light tones, try to stay within the same color family. This is easy with neutrals—you can add creams, tans, whites and lighter earthy colors.

But if you’re craving some contrast, opt for different textures instead of different tones.

Let in the Light!

It should go without saying that the more light that enters a room, the brighter and more open it looks.

small room decor tips

But if you’re faced with a space that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, you can still do a few things to increase the brightness of your home.

Instead of using heavy drapes, try to use window treatments that feature sheer fabrics. Mirrors are also helpful in that they allow natural light to bounce around a room.

If the natural light still isn’t cutting it, you can certainly add some lamps or recessed lighting. The recessed lighting adds dimension and depth to a small room.

And if you’re using lamps, try to purchase the bulbs that are coined “daylight” bulbs.

They mimic sunlight!

Make the Most of Your Artwork

While you’re decreasing clutter on your shelves or on your floor, you can also decrease the clutter on your walls.

small room decor tips

In a smaller room, larger artwork tends to make the walls look less cluttered than a bunch of petite pieces.

If you do want to create a collage wall, group your artwork in collections of 3 to 5 paintings/frames.

See? Big room or small, there are always ways you can incorporate your decor favs. Hopefully, these small room decor tips are helpful!

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small room decor tips

Here are small room decor tips. Small room decor tips. Check out these small room decor tips.

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