August came and went in a flash! And just like that, we’re welcoming September. 

But before we say “hello” to the new month, I want to give you one final look at all of the new blogs I posted in August (because I know it can be hard to keep up!). 

Below, you can find my August home tips, recipes, stories and shopping lists all in one place. 

Take a peek!

My 10 Helpful Tips for Hydrangea Care

I’ve always loved the look of hydrangeas, which is why I give them some extra love and care!

Find the hydrangea blog HERE.

Here are some of my top tips to make sure your blooms grow beautifully!

The Best Beauty Products I’ve Tried Under $20

I can’t even count the number of beauty items I’ve tried over the years… but the good news is a lot of products I use are actually very budget-friendly!

Find the beauty blog HERE.

If you’re in need of new skincare or makeup, I rounded up a few of my favs that you can find for under $20.

How to Create The Perfect Wrist Stack

I’ve always been one to wear bracelets and watches. And since we launched the Just Jill Shop… my collection has grown!

Find the bracelet blog HERE.

Looking for new ways to wear your own Just Jill Shop finds? My blog lists a few “wrist stack” ideas to give you some inspiration.

4 Delicious Ways to Use Crescent Rolls

That pack of crescent rolls you buy from the store can be used in more ways than one!

Find the crescent blog HERE.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use crescent rolls. The recipes are fun, tasty and super simple to throw together!

My Family Ties to the Little League World Series

I’m sure you know how much I love baseball. But do you know why it means so much to my family?

Find the baseball blog HERE.

In this blog, I explain our ties to the Little League World Series, my favorite family baseball memories and why the sport has a special place in my heart.

Back-to-School Finds to Start the Year on the Right Foot

It’s that time of the year… time for the kiddos to return to school!

Find the school supplies blog HERE.

And if you’re still on the lookout for some school supplies, you’ll have to check out my blog filled with must-have items for little ones, college kids and everyone in between.

School Lunch Ideas for Kids

Supplies aren’t the only thing you’ll need for the classroom. They need food to keep those brains going!

Find the school lunch blog HERE.

That’s why I pulled together some delicious and nutritious school snack and lunch ideas you can make throughout the school year.

Hopefully, this August Wrap-Up gets you all caught up!

Stay tuned for more recipes, blogs and announcements when September begins!

From my home to yours,


August Wrap-Up, August Wrap-Up.

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