I don’t think I’ve met a bundt cake I don’t like.

They’re foolproof, delightful, and they’re great if you’re baking for a group.

While your classic bundt cake might seem a little basic, you can easily take it to a whole new level with decorations, frosting, layers and more. In other words, there are endless ways to can elevate your cake!

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Need a new bundt cake recipe to make this week or for the holiday season? I have a few I think you’ll like.

Check them out below!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Cake

This autumn-inspired recipe has received some rave reviews.

With only two ingredients, it’s incredibly simple to make and every bite will have you in a dream of falling leaves, cozy sweaters and all the thoughts of fall!

Find the cake HERE.

I could have made this in a classic 9 x 13 pan, but I love that the bundt pan gives it an elevated look.

If you’re not a cream cheese person, you can leave this step out. But I assure you… it’s what takes this cake to the next level!

Sock It To Me Cake

This cake has always been my mom’s go-to recipe for gatherings and parties.

She became known for it and every time she served it, every slice was devoured! (So you know it has to be good).

Find the cake HERE.

By the taste alone, you wouldn’t guess it’s made with cake mix. But that’s a secret you don’t have to share!

It can also be considered a “dump cake” because you basically just dump all of the ingredients into a bowl and combine them. The simpler the better if you ask me!

Check out this video of me and my Mom in the kitchen where she shares a little more about this cake and where it came from.

It was so fun having her as a special guest for the episode. Little things I’ll cherish forever.

Apple Cider Donut Cake

The newest recipe in this roundup, my apple cider donut cake is a must-try if you love a classic apple cider donut.

It’s ultra-moist and dusted in the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar.

Find the cake HERE.

Similar to the Sock It To Me Cake, this one is made with boxed cake mix. The easier the better in my book!

While you can certainly eat this cake for dessert, it’s also great as a breakfast treat alongside a cup of coffee. But if you DO decide to eat it for dessert, try warming it up and topping the cake with some vanilla ice cream.


Chocolate Cream Cheese Ribbon Cake

This cake may look similar to the first one on the list. And that’s because it is!

The pumpkin cream cheese swirl cake was actually inspired by this cake, but if you’re a chocolate lover, this is the cake for you.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Ribbon Cake
Find the cake HERE.

Now this isn’t your regular chocolate cake. It’s extra rich and the fudgy frosting will have your tastebuds cheering with every bite.

If you bring this to a party or gathering, people will think you spent hours upon hours getting it to taste as good as it does. But your little secret? It’s fabulously easy to make.

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In the photo, I made this in a 9 x 9 pan, but you can just as easily pour batter into a bundt pan for a cake that’s super easy to share.

Fun and Festive Bundt Pans

Part of the fun of a bundt cake is the pan itself!

You can find a variety of bundt pans that feature different patterns and shapes. That way, your homemade treat can look even more elegant!

Click on the images below to find more details on these pans!

Thanks for reading and Happy National Bundt Day! If you plan on making one of these cakes, I’d love to hear how it goes!

And if you have a cake I should keep on my radar, share away. Thanks!

From my kitchen to yours,


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