We’re heading into Super Bowl weekend which can only mean one thing… a day full of fun and excitement!

And if you’re trying to make the most of the game, you can throw an at-home football party that’s sure to score big points for all in attendance.

Here’s a photo of me last year… I was on the TODAY Show for a Super Bowl 56 segment!

Whether you’re watching the gridiron battle with your family or with a bunch of friends, putting together a winning party is easier than you think.

Add some decor, fun games, and a bunch of tasty food and I know you’ll score a TOUCH DOWN with your guests!

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Football Party Fun

From the minute your guests arrive, find ways to get them to interact with your party theme!

This year, the Eagles and Chiefs are battling it out for the title. But last year I made this welcome board for Super Bowl 56.

It’s a great way to allow your attendees to “sign in” on football cards. It also gives them a chance to guess the winning team by putting their cards on one side of the field or the other.

Football bingo is also an engaging way to keep your guests involved during the game.

Find the bingo cards HERE.

Squares that feature brands that might pop up in a commercial, or various plays (or penalties) that might happen during the game are fun ways to design your bingo cards.

Tailgating Treats and More

My favorite part of hosting a football party is coming up with the menu!

And when you’re talking Super Bowl, it gives you the chance to theme your foods around the hometowns of the teams competing.

BBQ is a popular food for football Sunday which works out perfectly with this year’s Super Bowl. Kansas City is known for their BBQ, so feel free to serve up pulled pork, ribs and more.

KC is particularly known for burnt ends… so if you can get your hands on those, you’re in for a treat!

You can find more ways to use BBQ meat in my blog HERE.

If you’re big into nachos, you can even use bbq pulled pork or chicken on top of nachos. It takes the game time snack to a whole new level!

Find the dip recipe HERE.

You can also make my Touchdown Chili Dip, which, as you guessed it… is PERFECT for football games!

Find the recipe HERE.

Philadelphia is known for a wide variety of foods—giving you lots of options for the big game.

But if there’s one signature food Philly is known for, it’s the cheesesteak.

Now there’s a big debate on what type of cheese goes on a cheesesteak, but if you ask this girl how to eat it, it has to be topped with Cheese Whiz.

If you want more ways to eat a cheesesteak, you can find them in my blog HERE!

Walking tacos are another fun snack I love to serve at sports gatherings.

It’s a really fun take on a taco or nacho bar and you’ll probably hear “this is such a great idea!” from more than one of your guests!

Just open the top of a bag of chips (like Fritos or Doritos) and add a toppings bar. People can eat their nachos straight out of the bag!

If you’re not inclined to theme your foods, use some creativity in naming them!

Last year I created a tray of pigs in a blanket, fried chicken and pretzels. I paired the snacks with dips named after last year’s teams (Bengals and Rams)!

I thought it was pretty clever… and a neat way to wrap a classic snack into a fun theme!

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Photo credit: All Recipes (KC Ice Water)

Signature drinks are always fun for your guests. Whether they’re mocktails or cocktails, beverages with a nod to each team (like a KC Ice Water or Yuengling beer for Philly) help tie your theme together.

It goes without saying that the Super Bowl is a LONG event. So be sure to keep those food and snack tables replenished during the game!

You can make things easy on yourself by creating individual “snack stadiums” for your guests, filled with bags of popcorn, chips, single servings of guacamole, and a bottle of water.

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That way, people don’t have to miss out on that scoring drive to grab a snack!

And for dessert?

I like individual desserts, like my mini oreo cheesecakes topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry with white frosting that has been piped on to look like laces.

You can even create your own Super Bowl of chocolate!

Find the See’s Candies HERE.

I created this spread above with a little help from See’s Candies since See’s is from California. But if you’d like to stick with the city theme, Kansas City is the home of Russell Stover.

Football Party Decor

The big event gets people to your home. The food keeps them going strong.

But if you want to dive all in for your football party, some game-time decorations will really make your party one worth talking about!

Start by bringing elements of the sideline into your decor.

Photo credit: Fathead

One super fun way to do this is with big head cutouts of your favorite players. They make people smile and they’re great for game day selfies, too!

Find the cooler HERE.

And straight from the sidelines… the ICONIC big orange cooler. You know the ones I’m talking about (they get poured on the coach’s head after a big win!).

Fill this with water or another creative drink for your guests to enjoy. An easy-access hydration station!

You’ll also want to focus on the table. After all, it’s the second most important place to gather during your football party. After the TV, of course.

Find a green runner or tablecloth to make the table look like a field. Yellow napkins can be added to mimic penalty flags.

Find the football board HERE.

Whether you use it for your taco bar or for appetizers, a football-shaped bamboo board is a perfect addition to any table as well.

And beyond football season, it makes for a great cutting board that won’t wear or warp.

Photo credit: Homesick

You can even add a few candles that create the “smell” of the team’s cities!

You might not be able to predict the outcome of the game… but with these football party ideas, you can be SURE you’ll have a good time on Super Bowl Sunday.

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